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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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O.M.G.! Where on earth do you find this stuff Linda? I knew there are all kinds of idiots our there but my brain still did not stretch that far! My eyes and brain hurt!

Unstable. Gas Explosions likely.

I have no desire for a tat. They don't age well. They all look splendid on young firm skin. Not so much on saggy skin. I shudder to think what patients in nursing homes will look like 50 years from now. All those rosebuds turning into long stems... no one remembering who the hell "Mary" was or why they got a tat in her honor in the first place... A full sleeve over Batwing Arms? It will not be a pretty sight.

Um, wow... First of all, she sounds REALLY drunk and I thought tattoo places wouldn't even see you if you were plastered. 2nd of all, I sure hope her Mama didn't see that video because of that was MY daughter, I think I'd kill her.

I love my ink (one on each shoulder blade and my recently-added hot-rod shark on my right calf) and plan on adding more (yes, another shark is in the works)... but tattooing THAT part of your anatomy is totally disgusting.

I have no problem with other people's tatoos - not interested in them for me.

She obviously has no trouble with showing her body since she's lying around, tits to the wind, getting tatooed in public. More power to her.

Ew...just ew.

I have two tats currently, but to quote Hall and Oates, "Noooo, I can't go for that, can do.."
I have an AWESOME 3-D spider, that most of you've seen when I posted on FB, that's on my left shoulder blade. The second is a simple black symbol, the Chinese symbol for "happiness," on my right bicep. (and yes, I made sure that's what it means!)
The guy I went to is a true artist, majored in graphic arts in college in South Africa. Not only is he nice eye-candy, I love his accent and the music selection is awesome, so the experience is not too bad! I'm thinking about a THIRD one (but not near any orifices!!), just so I can see him again!! :-D

CAUTION! Gas line. Please call ###-???? before drilling!

As much as I love my ink, there are places I wouldn't go with it. No where above my collarbone, nothing on my behind (it's big enough to draw attention to itself all alone)and nothing on my stomach just because. I have an amazing tattoo artist, and he has done beautiful work on Caitie, award winning work...but I just can't imagine anyone wanting to get their asshole tattooed. If for no other reason, the sanitary situation would be almost non-existant and you have to keep your tats clean and lotioned up as they heal...and it itches too.
I guess to each his, or her, own but seriously...yuck.

i just threw up a little in my mouth....gross.

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