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Sunday, August 12, 2012


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I'm not a big reality TV fan. There have been a few that I watched for awhile in the beginning when there wasn't quite so much weird behavior begging for attention. My 18 year old son likes Jersey Shore, but I tell him that every time he watches that junk a book commits suicide! It's unfortunate - and frankly scary - that people think it's a great idea to air all their business on national television, and it's just plain abuse when they drag their minor children into the middle of it!

I grew up in a small town in Arkansas, so I have seen more than my share of rednecks and weirdness, but it sounds like my family and friends are all pretty high class compared to the nutjobs on this show!

I am constantly disgusted by what passes for entertainment these days. It never ceases to befuddle me that the networks choose to celebrate and encourage the baser of human instinct instead of using the hours to educate, inspire and encourage honorable decent behaviors. I have 2 boys (7 and 11) and a daughter (9). I cannot say that we only watch PBS and educational programming, Wipeout is in heavy rotation here as is Mad TV, we do make a concerted effort to avoid programs that encourage behaviors and lifestyles we find at best ridiculous and at most denigrating to the people involved, viewers and "cast" alike. Jersey Shore and the Kardashian slew of shows? What part of these would I possibly want any of my children to aspire to or emulate? All those shows that glorify teen pregnancies or reproduction gone wild? I do not even want to use them as a cautionary tale. I do not know if the media offerings are a reflection of societies mores or if society is a reflection of the media, but behaviors that are somehow "acceptable" these days are ridiculous. Good manners, respect for self, others and nature, and intelligence will never go out of style too bad the networks don't see it that way. Too bad for all of us.

Hey Tracy....i work for the Transportation Department of an inner city school THAT's the makings of a reality show!!!!

Maybe they can come and do a show about my family next.
I get up and go to work Monday through Friday. Go home, play with the dogs, make dinner, watch some tv and go to bed to start all over the next day.
Weekends are for laundry, changing sheets, etc.
I do enjoy a good flea market once in a while, and oh, I do go to the farmers market on Saturdays because I love the idea of buying local fruits and veggies.
I make a mean cupcake, and some rockin' salsa, and go to a concert once in a while.
My oldest is a bartender, trying to make enough money to go back to school to be a lawyer, and my youngest is still looking for a job.
What do you think? Would you watch us? Should I send a show idea into TLC? LOL

Was not understanding the "why" they HAVE to wash their hair in the kitchen sink... Do they not have a showerhead in their bathroom/bathtub? I just found that "have to" part odd. I get not wanting to do that in bathtub...

Heck I don't ever take a bath to get you are sitting in dirty water...ugh. I have soaked in the bath and THEN showered to be fully clean when all is said and done.

Watched portions of this for the train wreck factor. It is a sad commentary on the state of this family that despite them speaking "English" we need subtitles to understand what the F they are saying.

Learned one thing tho: never knew you could go to an auction to buy food. Stock up on the junk food on the cheap!

Where is the father of the one daughters baby? Is he actually smart enough to stay off camera? Hard to believe that would be the case....

Missed the part with the road kill...must have been at the beginning of the show?

I came upon the last 10 minutes of this train wreck...just in time for the sonogram. That was enough for me. TLC has certainly scraped the bottom of the barrel for this group of low class, white trash. Off topic tho, I went to see Hope Springs yesterday...sweet movie, but goes deeper into the dysfunctional relationship than I thought it was going to. Another wonderful performance by Meryl Streep. There was a preview of a movie called Won't Back Down that looks like it will be very good...

I saw it yesterday.

Christ almighty.

It's all child abuse.

I see too that the Duggar friends, the Bateses, have their own show and are bringing home number 20 or 21.

Good grief.

I have only watched Toddlers and Tiaras once, and was so taken aback by the whole thing that I never watched again. This time I was changing channels, looking for alternate Olympic coverage when I stumbled upon this trainwreck, right at the time that poor woman was attempting to teach the girls some table manners. I was appalled at what I saw. Not so much at the kids, but more so at the mother. Our kids are what we teach them to be, and these girls are going to be their mother's mini-me...SMH.

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