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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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I just read yesterday that there were some rulings in favor of this young lady by a different judge this week.

We got Hailey her first cell phone - she knows that at any given time - I can take it - see her calls, her texts, what she has looked at etc... (and I do) we have no internet at home right now. So now issue there. But I am in 100% full agreement - its a parents job to teach their children well.

Savannah should file a civil lawsuit. Get your justice however you can. Even if you don't win, you win by not laying down. And they are fully named and shamed. In a court of law.

Every time you write about rape, it brings up feelings of anger, helplessness and hopelessness. After almost 40 years, it's still right there like it was yesterday. The 13-year old girl in me who was raped and had to go through a humiliating (scary) trial applauds this girl and her bravery. I knew my assailant too, but he was over 18, so he was publicly outed. Thank God for that. My judge was fair, just and horrified by the actions of my rapist. If I was given a gag order, I don't think I could have or would have remained silent (however this was in the 70s before the age of Internet and cell phones and Twitter)...

Savannah is my hero, she refused to remain the victim that her rapists, the judge and the D.A. wanted her to be - she stood up and shouted to the world that this was wrong and these boys need to be punished. To ridicule her actions or question her motives is to be on the wrong side of what is right and just.

I'm with Robin - she should seek monetary damages with the families of these boys for nothing else than to teach them a lesson that children need to learn consequences of their actions and learn the difference between right and wrong. The boys' parents failed them, and the judicial system failed Savannah. NO ONE should he raped in the first place, but to be raped again in the courts is unjust and unforgivable. I hope this judge was elected so that the people of her city can elect him right out of there.

My heart bleeds for Savannah.

I have to question the legality of the gag order. After all, she still should have the right to bring a suit against them for monetary damages (damage to reputation - HERS being the primary) I don't believe the law can prohibit her naming them and claiming their actions damaged her. There was certainly suffficient proof. Their guilty pleas would foreclose them from claiming the incident did not happen. They would be left trying to justify the photos on the phones as NOT damaging to her. Of course, they have no money, BUT, parental liability might be invoked. The problem again is the ages. Late teen years are a slippery slope when it comes to who is financially liable.

Grrrr....this just pisses me off. And good for Savannah for STANDING UP AND NOT LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!

I have the "expectations" discussion with people all the time. So many young people I know are just aimless, but I blame most of that on the lack of expectations placed upon those kids by their parents. My children know and have known from early on that I had expectations which they had to meet - period. No discussions. No whining. Now don't get me wrong - I'm no prude, and I was doing my share of sewing the wild oats when I was young - but I also had expectations to get good grades, go to college, have a career, etc. Thankfully I have been blessed enough to meet all of those expectations while still having a good time. I will always love my two no matter what they do, but I have thankfully taught them well, and there is no doubts as to the expectations.

OMG! Once AGAIN, you pluck the thoughts right out of my head...."the shit-for-brains statements made by men like Akin whose sole understanding of female reproduction is that the stork still brings the babies. From Jesus." I was about to type the exact comment about Akins at your other post about him!! (that he must believe the storks delivered his two daughters!)

I'm glad you wrote about Savannah's story, and I totally agree with you - young people make mistakes (i.e. the drinking), but no way in hell did she deserve or is she to blame for what those PIGS did. IMO, she is a hero for being brave enough to publicly punish them (since the court didn't) by using the same methods they did to violate, rape and humiliate her. I only wished that you would have included the POS's names in your post! :-)

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