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Monday, July 30, 2012


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Linda, I TOTALLY get it! I'm living it most of the time! It is what it is--we have just decided that it WILL work. I do the lion's share of the kid work, but I am happy to do it. I still haven't gotten around to writing that book--"Single Parent in a Married Household", as I don't have the time! LOL! Sending you and Rudy all the mojo I have left! :-)

Best of luck Rudy on that new job and new location - I hope you love it there and succeed beyond all your imaginings!

Linda, hang in there a couple more years! I admire your dedication to your children and your family and your support of Rudy's career development!

Like Katy, I look forward to reading your blog someday when you report that you and Rudy are finally located in the same household on a full-time basis!

Linda (and Rudy), your life is like a soap opera--and I'm enthralled! I'm like the others in that I'm (greatly) anticipating the day when you post that the two of you are finally living in the same home, full time. I'm sure you'll be able to hear the collective cheer that arises from wherever you are!

Good luck to Rudy! I am sure he will do a bang up job and it is a beautiful area he is going to. I imagine he will miss the heat of Houston though. Ha.

I do not know how y'all do it. But considering how time has flown since Seattle and how Carson is just TWO years away from college, in no time Mr and Mrs Sharp will be under one roof again chasing to and from airports to collect their visiting daughters.

As I am absolutely certain all of you already know our amazing daughters are the product of the most amazing mother ever(sorry other moms).

Yes this sucks, and yes it is extraordinarily difficult, but somehow Linda makes it all work, which doesn't mean it is easy or even good. She is an amazing force of nature for which I am grateful for every day.

I love you Linda! I miss you all!!

It is so crazy to seemed like yesterday to me, a reader and fan, that all the girls were still at home..and Rudy was just leaving for Seattle...and here you are...Culley a JUNIOR and Kendall a SOPHOMORE in college and Carson a JUNIOR in HS! I can only imagine how tough it is for you both and for the girls. HUGS

And Chicky...that is good news if it helps you save your house. You can do it!!!

Thanks to our DGMS friend, Diane, Phil is on is way to getting a job with the Merchant Marines and hopefully will be stationed in the Gulf. If this happens, he will work 28 days, then come home for 28 days - so I will have to do everything myself for at least 1/2 the time. Yes, I am scared, and yes, I know that it will be hard - but we will do it because it will save our home - I just hope and pray that it doesn't ruin our marriage in the meantime....I may be coming to you for advice Linda!

Sending hugs to you and best wishes to Rudy in his new location. You two are a testament to what true love can withstand!

This makes me sad. Not just Rudy leaving, but the girls going back to school. And my heart goes out to you. I know that as much as having my husband around 24/7 makes me crazy sometimes, it's just good to have someone that can help take care of things. If I had to do it all, I don't know if "all" would get done, so I admire your strength girlfriend! And, as Rudy pointed out in his comment last time you mentioned this, it won't be forever. I look forward to reading the blog that says "Rudy and I are now in the same town, same house!!"

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