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Sunday, July 22, 2012


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I too often wonder if God has a special place in Hell for these so-called "christians" (note lower case). I think in the Bible where it says to not use God's name in vain - this is what it means. What must God think about people like this? Sickening!

I agree with Katy that the media should never report on these people again - if they can't get the attention they seemingly crave, then maybe they'll shrivel up on the vine and prune themselves away!

I totally agree with your coments about WBC, they are no better (in the scale of human beings) than the shooter. But as usual, they thrive on being the center of attention. They do this all the time, get decent people upset with their comments and threats to attend memorials or funerals, and then last minute change their plans. I wish the press/media would just stop printing anything about them - they are so not worth a second of my attention.

I'm not a hyper-emotional person so I was surprised when reading this last night it brought tears to my eyes. All of those beautiful hopeful faces and lives cut short for no reason.

I would so be there if I were closer, as none of these people did anything to deserve this. Why weren't their sanctimonious asses at Jerry Sandusky's trial every day? Or standing outside the jailhouses of convicted murderers? Or even at soup kitchens feeding the poor? Ugh!

these were human beings. they deserve more than this. they deserve our respect and they deserve to be honored. shame on anyone who profits either by publicity or monetarily from this horrific tragedy.

WBC sheeple are lower than scum. In case they have forgotten to read their Bibles as of late, they might want to catch up on some of the stories involving Jesus - as Anna Quindlan put it, the original and biggest radical rabble-rouser. "Heal the sick, feed the poor." It doesn't say anything about the sick and poor lifestyles. I am so tired of so-called Bible-thumping Christians dragging down the rest of us who believe each and every individual has their own and private relationship and judgement with God if they so choose to have one.

I have no words for these people...

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