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Thursday, July 19, 2012


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Wow. What an eventful week. So glad that Carson enjoyed herself at the Con. I was hoping that I would run into her and Rudy on the floor, but ALAS. (I know this sounds weird given that the place holds thousands of people, but I always seem to see the folks I know, so I was hoping)

and Rudy, I agree with you that Linda's mind would explode at Comic Con, but it would be a blog one would never forget. I say, bring on the challenge. LOL

Carson is just plain awesome! How exciting for her!

So glad you and your family were able to pull off the 50th anniversary - your parents will cherish those memories for the rest of their lives, as I know you and your brother, sister, and the rest of the family will as well.

Have a good time with Rudy in Colorado! I know it will be tough with him even further away for now, but it will all pay off in the end. Best of luck to Rudy in his new job!

I've been following the goings-on from FB, but to hear it all lumped together in one post is almost overwhelming just to read! WOW!

Carson is amazing, and her art is beautiful! I know that she will meet her goal of going to art school on a soccer scholarship. And I'm so glad that Rudy was able to go with her to share her excitement.

Congrats to you, your Dad, and your extended family for pulling off the surprise 50th Anniv. party. I know your Mom must have been thrilled! Happy 50th to them, and many more.

I'm sorry to hear that Rudy is being transferred again - I know that having him just a few hours away has been a blessing for you all. But I also know that the two of you will hang in there for a few more years before you can be together all the time. You both have the best attitude about your separate time that I have ever known. And your priority of putting the girls first is a perfect example of the great parents that you are.

Best wishes to Rudy on his new position, and we'll be thinking of you all! Hugs from Lewisville!

Congrats to Carson--that is a whole bucketful of awesomeness!!!! ComicCon!!! And most excellent carrying off of the anniversary surprise!
And good luck to Rudy (and the rest of the fam) on the relocating (only for now, in best Ave Q parlance)!

To all - it will all work out, direct flights to Texas and a truly amazing work opportunity.

Linda and I will be together full time soon, and in the interim we will prioritize our girls. (the most important thing in life).

BTW - Comicon, what a trip! Carson and I had a great trip. Can't wait to do it again however don't think we can take Linda, her brain would truly explode editorializing when viewing the attendees!!

Tears make it hard to type but here goes. What a wonderful recap of the two experiences. I truly believe that good things happen to good people. And great things happen to great people. Congrats to Carson and your parents on their achievements.

Parents of the year!

No. Our promise to Carson is the same as it was to K&C - she gets to graduate from this high school and finish what she has started. Plus she is going into recruiting this year, so ripping her away from her amazing club would be a huge set back.

Oh and PS sorry Rudy is relocating to Colorado...that's just too far. Now that 2/3 of your girls have flew the coop, any chance you will be relocating too?

OK nevermind...I Googled it and it said John S Hendricks owns it...

As far as Carson is concerned - holy cow! I've never met your child, but I AM SO PROUD of her! What an amazing young lady she is - not only is she fierce on the field, but she is talented and beautiful as well...she is gonna be the new "IT" girl! Congratulations to her and all her accomplishments at such a young age!

No, not even close. The gentleman who owns Discovery Communications owns far more than Harpo Productions does.

Wait...doesn't OPRAH own the Discovery network???

What a phenomenal experience for a terrific kid! You can see her joy and excitement radiating from each photo!

And congrats to your folks! Glad the surprise came off without a hitch! It is obvious the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Blessings to you and your entire family.

Katy, she is still glowing. Rudy took about 250 pictures during the meet and greet. He said you could feel how genuine they all were with her, and totally blown away by the art she had made for them.

As for the move? Back to our mantra: It's not forever, it's just for now...

Gesus Linda, your kids not are just extra-ordinary, they are destined to be famous!! That is SOOOOO COOOL about Carson winning and the whole experience with the crew. I'm sure it will be tough to come down from that cloud!
And, I'm sorry to hear that Rudy is going to be farther away from you again. I hope that the time goes fast and you two can one day be in the same town, in the same house, for good!

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