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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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Having survived my babysitters "games" which were extremely sexual (the most uncomfortable question I am asked is when I lost my virginity). He would bring his girlfriend over and make my brother and I mimic what they were doing, and no, a prepubescent boy cannot ejaculate, but they can get erections, then, if my brother did it "wrong" he should him how, on me. My mom never believed me, the babysitter was an angel in her eyes. forty years later and it still affects me, but at least I am alive. If I had him in front of me, the meek, quiet, nonviolent persona I have would disappear in a heartbeat and I would cut the son of a bitch's dick off with a rusty saw, and I would make that girl watch and wonder what we were going to do to her. I have so much deeply hidden rage for these two people, and I fell like my mom let me down, and then guilty because she has been dead for 5 years and I still feel that way. Oh, and my mom was a nurse, supposedly trained to see stuff like this. I am in therapy, and it helps, but Linda, you are right, if you can't or won't take care of your child, for God's sake, give them to someone who can

In the news today--a father beat to death an acquaintance after he walked in on him sexually assaulting his 4 year old. Good riddance. Charges were not filed. Yay for common sense policing!

Just last week, here in my small town of Port St. Lucie, FL a 2 month old child went missing. As soon as the call from the police dept. came to me, I KNEW the outcome and my heart broke. TWO.MONTHS.OLD. Yes, they found the child in the trunk of the father's car - dead. TWO.MONTHS.OLD. What horrible thing did that infant do to deserve this death sentence? And yes, they were young parents. What I want to do to them is unspeakable.

I agree with you 100% and with all of the posts here, especially Tracy. Perverts CANNOT be rehabilitated. There has never in the history of mankind been a rehabilitated child rapists, molestor, etc. That includes adult rapists and molestors. I think rape should be a capital offense. There is no redeeming this person. Same goes for killing or torturing animals and molesting children or adults. Just kill these predators and be done with it. What really sickens me is that someone gets 20 years for smoking pot and then someone that rapes a child (essentially killing their soul so that they are never the same) gets a disgusting 3 years, if that, and gets out in 10 months for good behavior. There is something extremely wrong with that and people that can't see it are blind or have never felt violated in their lives.

Tracy - you're not being a bitch - that is exactly how I feel. I cannot bear the thought of a defenceless child being abused in any way whatsoever. There is a lot to be said for capital punishment! I will never understand how anyone could bring themselves to harm a child - they do not deserve a trial even.

IMHO if you kill a child, you should be put to death in the same manner that child died. No appeal...the child had none. Found guilty, you are gone, history, kaput. Society should not have to support your ass in prison, protecting you from the other inmates that are as disgusted by what you did as the rest of us are. Give me a politician that says Kill the assholes, and he will get my vote. Someone needs to stand up and just throw a hell of a fit until our government gets their heads out of their asses and does something about this.
So many of the children that are murdered are children that were born, not out of love, but out of their mother's inability to keep her legs closed, or her want of more welfare money. QUIT PAYING the baby factories. Maybe, if they know they aren't going to get more money for each child they pop out of their clown car vagina, they will quit having them. As for the sperm doners, make them pay for the children they create. Don't have a job? Hey, get your ass in gear and clean up the parks, highways and other public areas. If we have to support your children, then you can work for it.
Have a child to have sex with it? Guess you won't be having any more. Kill those assholes too. No jailtime, then let's see if they can be rehabilitated, and give them more chances to do the same. Just kill them.
Sorry if this seems cruel, and I am being a bitch, but this stuff just pisses me off so badly. I can't stand to see a child cry, and for these assholes to continue to harm the little ones...well, let me make them cry for a while. Yep, then kill them.

you're right Linda, it makes me sick for the children (and animals) that depend on adults for their protection and survival only to be abuse, raped, killed... Today's news in Jacksonville, some guy beat up his girlfriend, through a female dog (that had two day old pups) out the door, broke the dog's leg in the process, then murdered the 6 pups, threw their bodies in a trash bag and in the trash. I can't even tell you what I would like to do to that POS. And he'll get just a little jail time for "animal cruelty." Makes me sick.

And these are just the stories that make it on to the news. There are countless other kids who suffer we never hear about. We teach our children about stranger danger, of course. But the huge majority of children who are killed, raped, abducted and abused are the victims of their own parents or adults known to them. It's a dangerous world for children. But many of them are in more danger from the people in their lives than from any random stranger.

These stories just make my heart ache and my head explode. I'm with you, Linda. This is one area where I could go all vigilante and take these scumballs OUT.

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