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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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Sounds like a very involved endeavor but so worthwhile. I have absolutely no doubt your dad is seeing all you are doing and is bursting with pride. You are doing this on top of your normal job too? Color me impressed!

So far we have gotten all of our pet food and litter donated. Flea preventative was donated by 1800PetMeds> Vet bills have been covered with donations from individuals. We have quite a few grant requests out at the moment, hopefully some of those will come through. We should have additional grant money coming directly from the County coffers this fall. As far as volunteers, right now we are using volunteers in our fundraising efforts. Before any volunteers can interact with any of the seniors they would have to be background checked with means additional $$

I am so in awe of you and your amazing idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. How are you getting funding and do you have volunteers for the various things?

Lisa, I know your dad is smiling down from heaven on you. You should be so proud of yourself :O)

Lisa, this is such an amazing idea. I live in Cincinnati and would be more than happy to help get it going down here. I have 5 dogs of my own, and sometimes wonder who would take them if something happened to me. I know my girls would do what they could, but also know it would be hard enough for them to make it without me, without having to worry about the dogs.
You can get in touch with me at if you have anyone already in Cincinnati that is working on this, or if you want to let me know who/how to get it going down here.

What an admirable thing you have done, Lisa! You saw a need and found a way to fill it in a way that helps others as well as being a remembrance of your Dad. I'm sure he would be VERY proud!

Thanks all. We have been tremendously busy. We obtained our 501c3 non profit status. Last month alone we assisted 155 pets by providing pet food, flea preventative, tumor removal surgery and more. We are getting calls frequently from other counties across Ohio wanting us to expand to their areas, so eventually this could become a huge program. Right now we are trying to get more community involvement so that we can help more people. I think Dad would be proud :)

Lisa, would you like to join our Facebook DGMS friends page? If so, friend me! Kathy Rhinehart

I remember when my Grandma got sick with pancreatic cancer, she held on until she was sure one of us would take her beloved Laddy. Laddy is living with my cousin now and thriving - although he went through some severe separation anxiety when Grandma died. Grandma loved his so much, that I feel a part of her lives with Laddy. What a wonderful service you are providing. So happy you are on Facebook...I will make sure to get the work out to my friends.

I love this idea. I work with rescues as well and it is so hard on the dog when the owner dies. They are just lost for a while.

What an absolutely fantastic idea! Good luck with it! I am sure it will make a huge difference.

What a WONDERFUL service! I hope that your organization (or something similar) becomes a nation-wide service.

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