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Monday, May 21, 2012


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Robin was always my favorite. Now he is with his twin. How sad for Barry, the oldest, to outlive all his brothers.

I think I am one of the few people on earth who loved the Sgt. Pepper movie that they did with Peter Frampton.

We lived in Bethel Park. My grandparents lived in Mt. Lebanon.

Never knew you lived in I know why I enjoy you! Where did you live? I live in Squirrel Hill.....

Still love the Bee Gees. RIP Robin! I'm glad we still have the recorded music to carry on the legacy!

I loved the Bee Gees too. I had many of their records and especially loved the stuff they did pre-Saturday Night. Robin did have a sweet soul and will be missed. Losing many legends this year...

yep, I have the album, and now the CD of the BeeGees Greatest hits, which were all before Saturday Night Fever. Massachusetts, Gotta Get a Message to You, Words, I Started a Joke - - loved these guys. RIP Robin, you sweet sweet soul.

Forgot to add Whitney and Dick Clark to that party. Hope my mom is enjoying herself.

This one broke my heart too. I was old enough to go to the nightclubs...sorry, discos...back in the day and it was just like it was portrayed in Saturday Night Fever. My friends and I were the "faces" of our club and had our reserved table next to the dance floor. Guys would dare each other to come up and ask my girlfriends and I to dance, but only if the guys in our group weren't around. Line dancing to the Bee Gees was an every night event (except Monday, when the club was closed for whatever reason).
I remember my mom wanting to go see Saturday Night Fever because she thought John Travolta was adorable, and so I took her, cringing at the thought of her seeing some of the scenes. We walked home from the theatre pretty silent, then when we got home she said "So...that's what you're doing every night huh?". LOL.
You know you are getting older when your icons start passing away. Davey Jones, Donna Summer, and now now Robin Gibb. RIP. Bet there's a dance party in heaven tonight.

I didn't recognize the song title, but as soon as he sang the first line, I knew the song. Such a sad song when I was young.
RIP Robin Gibb.

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