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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Wasn't expecting anything, since money's tight, but my husband surprised me with a sweet card and a Heath bar! (my favorite) Priceless!

Even when I wake up looking like Edward Scissorhands had a go at my hair and with dragon breath that could bring weaker beings to their knees, my husband always greets me with a "Good morning gorgeous!" and a smile. This is our 32nd official Valentine's day together, but truthfully, I don't have to wait for February 14th to feel completely loved and appreciated. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in our DGMS family <3

My husband is great, but he usually is one of those guys you see at the last minute picking up one of the last available cards or bouquets of flowers on Valentine's night! lol

This year, he surprised me because when I went up to my office this morning, there was a vase full of flowers, a treat, and two cards sitting on my desk waiting for me! We've been married 25 years this July, but that still made me tear up. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to the Sharps and all my DGMS friends!

My boyfriend never makes a big deal out of Valentines day...but I don't care. Anytime I need him, he is there. Anytime something needs fixed around my house, he fixes it. Car not running properly? Not a problem for him...he even fixes my daughter's and my sister's car without ever expecting anything.
I would rather be shown this kind of love than get candy (which I really don't need) or flowers that will die in a week. I can (and often do) buy my own flowers, but I sure can't fix my car, or unclog the drain, install the hot tub, etc.

I am married to the original "Mr. I hate every fricken holiday", so I planned a day to see a matinee (The Vow), and get lunch, he was such an ass about it yesterday that I just give up.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I hope you all receive some appreciation today from somebody -- a hug, a smooch, a wilted flower your kid picked off a plant in the living room and presented with a flourish befitting a dozen roses... it's all good.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Linda! Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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