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Saturday, February 18, 2012


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Contraception is the last stronghold of men trying to prove their superiority over women. Think of it. MEN would deny us the "right" to bear their children, whether or not we want to bear any child. Depriving women of the right to decide whether or not they will have children is the only way (currently) remaining for men to 'prove' that they are superior. The FULL right to contraception (including abortion) is where women become FULLY equal to men. There are a lot of scared, old white men out there. And most of them are Republican.

You are very welcome!!!!

Rudy beat me to it, but yes, I'm just blown away that this issue has become the sole reason one will vote for one candidate versus another. And the bullshit, no contraceptives, no abortions, let's just keep bringing more unwanted children in the world so they can be abuse, dumped in a garbage can, killed, etc. Makes perfect sense to me (insert face with eyes crossed)

Who is this nut and how the hell did he get such play in the GOP? He makes me almost long for the W years. Whilst he was a questionable choice in most areas, I do not recall him ever advocating for a contraception ban. And despite being pro-life he did not work very hard to have Roe v Wade overturned. Sensible Republicans talk the talk about abortion, but once they are elected President they move on to other things and do little more than pay occasional lip service to the matter. With these Teabaggers though, bad things are happening and I am discomfited.

Hopefully, the ship will right itself in November and these whackadoodles will go away.

I left the Catholic Church and never looked back and I sure as hell don't want my elected leaders taking their marching orders from it. The Catholic Church is fast becoming one of the leading providers of health care in this country and that scares the shit out of me. Go to most of their hospitals and there's no contraception, no abortion even if your life depends on it, no morning after pill even if you've been raped. And for anyone who thinks this might not affect them you best read up on their doctrines on end of life care. Think you've got it all figured out with your living will? If your wishes go against Catholic teachings you may just be out of luck (remember Terri Shiavo?).

Any one who is friends with me on Facebook knows that this issue has had my head EXPLODING this week. To the point that, on Thursday afternoon, I went for a walk around the lake by my house and LITERALLY kicked a tree in sheer fury while yelling. (I know, I know, that poor tree never did anything to hurt me, but there weren't any Republicans handy - and I'm surprised that I didn't get arrested for being a crazy-person. I did, however, scare the crap out of some unsuspecting ducks.)

Linda and Elizabeth both said everything I feel (but much more calmly). Even trying to talk about this issue calmly make smoke start to pour out of my ears. I'm so frigging furious, I don't even know where to start, but I just DO NOT understand WHY every single woman in the United States right now, Republican or Democrat, black, white, Hispanic, Asian or polka-dotted, young or old, isn't standing out in the streets screaming at the tops of their lungs about this. This is all so totally WRONG. How the hell did we let it get to this point?????

Amen!! You are an amazing writer!

And whats stuns me is the hypocrisy. All these religious wingnuts and 1%ers screaming that the poor are breaking our tax revenue. So great: Cut funding to Planned Parenthood, contraception, abortion. Make women who conceived during rape carry to term, etc. But don't bitch when there's a ton of unwanted babies born, and no money to provide for them. This is all so religiously motivated, it kills me! It stymies me even more, that MEN are even considering ruling on this, no less discussing it. I've said it before, and I'l say it again: Until they grow their own uterus, they need to stfu. It's the same w/ so many of today's current issues: Don't believe in contraception? Don't use it. Don't believe in gay marriage? Don't marry a gay person. And on and on. I can only hope these pompous, self-important, misogynistic zealots deciding how everyone else should live, will simply go away. Or at the very least, start working on things that matter... like our economy, our budget, job creation, etc.

What totally shocks me is not that some nutjob somewhere holds views like this (there are nutjobs of all ilks, all over), it is that potentially one of the 2 people in our country who we will be selecting to lead us when we vote this fall thinks this???? WTF

OFFENSIVE. OUTRAGEOUS. HORRIFYING. These are the words I use to describe what is happening in Washington now. As I've said before, President Obama does NOT need a SuperPac - he has me (us), and between us, we will repost every offensive word that Santorum utters.

Thanks for the link to the other blog - she is also an amazing writer. Loved what she said.

Thanks, Linda. You said it loud and clear.

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