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Saturday, December 31, 2011


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I bought two years ago to help out the band, and gave them away to my neighbors, as I would've never used any of the coupons. The band quit selling them--too much work and too expensive...I cannot imagine being fraudulently charged and then summarily dismissed by the company...ARRRGH!!! ANGRY for you!

I was given one of these for Christmas a few years back. Waste of $$...

But good to know about the fraud thing. So the $$ is made on the kick back when selling fraudulent ones like they did to you Linda?

I am exhausted! But being with my family is the BEST Christmas present I could have asked for - I am surrounded in love and squishiness (and a snoring husband)

I hope you are having an incredible time in LV!

Linda, as a hotel marketing exec, I dealt with this company yearly to advertise hotel services. I can attest to the fact that they just don't give a shit - they are one of the hardest companies I ever had to deal with. The worst part was that if you wanted to opt out of advertising in their book, you had to send them a letter a full year ahead of the book's release - and even tho you received a confirmation..."oops, we must have made a mistake and put your coupons in the book...I don't know how that cold have happened"...if that was an isolated incident, I would chalk it up to a simple human error, but I had 7 hotels - all with coupons for restaurants and services - it happened in EVERY hotel, and took a letter from our attorney to finally get them to remove the stupid coupons - I would NEVER advertise in that book again.

P.S. Happy New Year from Sin City!

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