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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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I've gotta stick with the original. Since growing up in Salt Lake City, going to high school and college here. When it was being filmed a group of us drove down to Lehi and saw Kevin Bacon!! At the time didn't know who he was or what they were filming but now everytime I see it it's a fun memory!! Oh and the other kid has nothing on Chris Penn!! Oh and Sara Jessica Parker...Personally could do without Lori Singer!

My daughter will probably want to see this movie, but I think I'll let her go with a group of friends so I don't have to see it! Bleh!

meant to add, it would have been great if they had Kevin Bacon play a part in the remake! Love Kevin!!!

chiming in a bit late (can only watch these from home) but I agree with Pat - - I wouldn't pay to see it - I know the story line and how it ends, however young movie goers who haven't seen the original (like my son who wouldn't watch and "old" movie if you paid him) would enjoy the updated music and dancing. I might watch some of the dancing when it makes it to regular TV, which I think will be soon.

Just watched the trailer. And all I can say is REALLY? They used much of the same stuff from the first the cop flicking him in the chin...the tie on his first day...the dance in the hall meeting..."this is our time" Oh puhleeze....If they aren't going to make it their own...than why bother??

Nope...I am going to watch the ORIGINAL and enjoy THAT. At least with the Karate Kid remake, they changed things up a bit...setting it in China..and some other small didn't seem like a terrible copy...

They remade CARRIE??? Don't remember that one. Thank goodness. I agree, Chicky - Sissy and Piper Laurie owned those roles.

On a side note - Nancy Allen (who played the bitch in CARRIE)wslks her cute little pug down my street every day. I always greet her hello and after she passes out of range, I mutter to my kids "She looks nice, but she played the meanest bitch on the planet years ago". LOL

I'm totally with Irish - don't F with my movies, don't F with my bands, just leave my crap alone and we will all get along just fine. I didn't watch the trailer - and I won't watch the movie. The last straw (for me) was when they remade the classic, Carrie - with no-names "stars" in it - Sissy Spacek was CARRIE, and it was and still is one of my all time favories.

Don't "F" with my Footloose. I loved this movie so much as a teenager. I think I watched it 100 times (minimum). The first one was considered edgy back then. This one...the dancing looks way more dirty than the original. Why do we always need to go there? Footloose and Dirty Dancing should be left alone. I will let my kids watch both of the originals when they are old enough. My daughter, who is a musical junky like her mommy, will love them both I am sure.

I loved the original. Not too interested in this remake but if it comes to HBO or something I may watch.

I liked the new Arthur because Russell Brand makes me laugh like no one else. But I think I am alone in liking Arthur!

I agree that these remakes are almost always a big mess. The remake of Arthur broke my heart. There are some syfy movies that I would love to see be remade Dune comes to mind with the new special affects

IrishM, I am not ashamed in any way to admit that I still listen to "Separate Ways" more than anyone should, and I think "Mr. Roboto" was an awesome song. I couldn't agree with you more.

I have to admit, I won't watch the trailer again (I first saw it on Movieline). I think it looks horrible. Footloose is not some incredible classic, but it was a great movie that in no way can be improved by a remake. As I said on the other site, this movie looks almost as good as the remake of Fame. No thank you!

Just as they didn't need to remake The Karate Kid (I watched and didn't like it) Some things should be LEFT ALONE...they don't need to remake every movie that was a hit with it's generation...what's next a remake of Fast Times at Ridgemont High?


I will not watch it, preferring to love the original in all its 80s splendor. I too have stuck with originals in my music. If it ain't Steve Perry, it ain't Journey (no matter how much this guy tries). Same goes for Styx w/o Dennis deYoung.

Where is the originality in movies anymore...why screw with classics? I refuse to watch it! Something need to be left alone!

I'm definitely not a fan of most remakes...remember Psycho with Vince Vaughn..blech. Last night the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on....just no way it could capture the raw terror of the original. But in this age of movies being driven mostly by profit and little else when you remake a movie you get a certain built in audience, like with Pirates of the caribbean, no matter how bad the sequels get they still make money. Or they've just completely run out of ideas, which is also a possibility.

At least they didn't cast Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus as the leads. Thank God for small favors.

The trailer doesn't suck though. So maybe with the updated music and dances it'll be okay.

Actually I am looking forward to the remake. I thought the dancing in the trailer was great, and am excited for it to come out.
While it will never be as great as the original, it should be fun.

Even worse. THEY ARE REMAKING DIRTY DANCING!!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!?! If it ain't broke DON"T fix it!

From the looks of the trailer...YUCK!!! Totally agree it did not need to be messed with.

I'm not one who usually likes the remakes very much - think that if it was done right the first time, it should be left alone.

having said that, if the rest of the movie is like the trailer, they seem to have stuck to the script fairly close - just updated the dancing and the music (which didn't need to be changed in my opinion) but it's the 15 - 28's who spend the money at the theatre..

Probably won't go to the theatre to see it, but will wait for it on the Movie Network or rent the DVD.

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