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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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I have to admit - I've never seen a Jackass movie and I didn't know who Ryan Dunn is - but that doesn't matter - what matters is that he deserves a proper funeral - where his loved ones can mourn him without being afraid they will be "outed" or filmed for the evening news. Shame on the WBC - they are the worst kind of zealots.

His funeral should be treated with the same dignity as anyone else's. These WBC people have to stop. Ryan Dunn may have been a jackass on many levels but he doesn't, and his family doesn't, deserve this circus coming to town.

What has become so blatantly clear over the last few years is how the Westboro Church has devolved into a bunch of fame whores, more desperate for attention that Paris Hilton during her worst days. When picketing gay funerals didn't get them enough attention (a shame Fred Phelps wasn't man enough to deal with his homosexuality or we would have been spared ever hearing about them), they started picketing soldiers. And now that that's become "old hat", they're going after celebrities. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

maybe they could catapult the members of the WBC, one by one - now THAT I would love to see!

I hope they douse the "protestors" with the contents of a sewer truck! I, like many others, also hope they get it on camera. I would love to see them get what they deserve!

I can't deny I hope the "jackass" family beats the crap out of the folks from Westboro BC. Talk about a bunch of jackasses. They take the cake.

Prayers for Ryan's family.

The older I get, the more problems I see with alcohol - and it's legal, yet there sits the cannabis plant, with known medicinal properties - illegal. Go figure.

I am a fan of the Jackass movies and an even bigger fan of Bam Margera's (who was Ryan's best friend). As a fan of the movies, I'm ANGRY at Ryan Dunn for wasting his life and the life of his friend. I don't defend him for one minute, and I don't buy what some of the other fans are saying - that is was a "mistake." As you said, Linda, driving too fast was a long-time practice for Ryan - this was NO mistake. He was warned over and over, and even suffered through a horrible car accident over 10 years ago, resulting from his reckless driving and drinking. I am grateful that Ryan only took one person with him when he died -- it could have been SO much worse. So, yeah, I'm angry and disgusted, and I agree 100% with Roger Ebert's tweet from Monday morning.

As far as the WBC is concerned, I sincerely hope that my beloved Bam and his motley crew of Jackasses douse them in lighter fluid, set all of them on fire and send them careening down the nearest ski slope in shopping carts. In 3-D.

And may you rest in peace, Ryan... you stupid jackass.

totally agree. However, I will also add, that I am so glad that Dunn didn't take out anybody else's child, wife, husband, sister, ... when he flamed out. So often these drunk driving stories have this terrible component as well.

WBC are TROLLS of the worst sort. I can't agree more Linda...hope they get JACKED UP!

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