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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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This literally made me sick to my stomach and tears roll down my face. So horrific, I cannot even imagine. I hope they all suffer.

Sigh. Poor little boy. I can't decide what would be best for him, either. I hope they round up those pieces of s**t, besides his mother and babysitter, and that they all suffer badly for what they did. This is evil at its purest form.

I read stories like this, and I look at my 3 yr old son, and I want to cry. I just can't imagine the pain that little boy is going thru. It makes me sick to my stomach that anyone could hurt him like that. Let alone his own mother letting his suffer thru it. I hope those assholes get arrested and thrown in jail for a LONG time with their story being told to EVERY sexually deprived inmate there. Let them live thru what they did to that little boy. For 15 years to life.

Cannot comprehend this level of evil and quite, frankly , I don't wish to - I only know that it exists.

Hell is too good for the four people involved in this horrific story. May God NOT have mercy on their souls for they deserve no mercy.

I hope that this poor child's future is filled with nothing but love and understanding and that his memories are erased. I cannot imagine him having a life of remembering what his mother allowed to happen to him - I know that I worded it badly but am too rattled to do it any justice.

Callen: I couldn't get this story out of my head either. I sat at my desk yesterday, staring at a picture of my son I have from when he was about that age. He had just woke up from one of his naps, and he's standing in his crib, his little face is staring back at me with the cutest little half-smile. I would always just scoop him out of his crib and kiss him all over his face and hug him and smell him (well, hopefully no dirty diaper!), but I cannot comprehend anyone hurting him at that age (or any age really), or a mother that wouldn't fight like a rabid dog to protect him.

Anyway, if anyone hears updates on the two "men" (POS animals) that did this to this poor child, keep us posted. I hope they all rot in hell.

I couldn't get this story out of my head so I googled for more info. According to a family member (Stacey) the family had tried for years to get the child away from his mother, but she did "just enough" to satisfy CPS and she managed to hold onto her son. The family member added that the child is doing remarkably well and they hope he will be released in the next couple days.

God bless this baby boy! I agree with waht everyone above has said--an eye for an eye!

We were in Tulsa, OK this past weekend when the story broke about this poor child. I had to send my 12 year old daughter out of the room while we were watching the news because I didn't want her to see the horror of the story.

I have no words for how sad I am for this little boy, and how shocked and astonished I am that ANY human could put a child through this anguish.

I too just want to hold that little boy close - and tell him everything will be alright.

As for those wastes of flesh - this is WHY we need the death penalty - IN EVERY G*DDAMN state! And when the death penalty is served - it should then be carried out IMMEDIATELY! No appeals, no years on death row sucking our tax dollars away! And no "Humane" lethal injection bullshit! Fry 'em, hang 'em, firing squad! Hell bring back the guilloteen (sp?) and chop their heads off!

I pray that the Dr's can help this child recover physically from his wounds and scars - I hope time will erase the emotional ones - and that a lovong family will provide that child the love and comfort he so rightly deserves!

Oh my God. I feel sick.

I read this about an hour ago - I had no words, just tears and intense anger - so much so that I had to leave for awhile and not think about it. Even now, I am struggling to find the words. So I won't say anything except I agree with what you, Jennifer and Katy said.

God D*mn, Linda, where do you find these stories? This made me sick to my stomach, so much that I had to go to another site immediately and do the "la, la, la, la, I didn't just read this horrific story, la, la, la." I hope that all parties involved are brought to justice, but I would rather see that all had a cattle prod shoved up their ass for life.

And i agree with you, if this child is suffering as we speak, I PRAY God takes back this angel and delivers him to someone who can love and nurture him his whole life.

AMEN!!!!! I am so tired of hearing about how it wasn't their fault, the drugs/alcohol made them do it. Bull and shit! They need to be held accountable for their actions (and inactions.)

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