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Monday, November 15, 2010


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Sending good thoughts your way. Feel better soon Oreo!

Hope Oreo feels better soon!

Big snuggles to Ro, hope she heals fast. Good job with the Mommy instinct. I'd ask for my money back from the emergency vet.

Oh, sweet little Oreo! Hope she is better soon!

What a cutie - I'm so sorry she's hurt but so glad she's got a caring, loving family like yours. Hope she's up and around soon.

Poor little pup - glad that she's on the road to healing!

Hope Oreo recovers quickly and fully and is back to her old self.

Sending sweet healing energy for your baby!

So sorry to hear that Ro was in pain, but thank goodness for Mommy instincts!

Ro looks so content cuddled in your(?) arms. Hopefully she mends quickly. Sending healing puppy kisses for Ro!

Oh crap - I am so sorry Linda. Sending healing prayers for Ro...hope they gave her some great puppy-uppers or better doggie-downers.

Oh bless her. I'm cringing even thinking about her hip...dislocations HURT!

So glad you got her treated sooner rather than later! She's a lucky little pup to have you guys.

I know just how you feel about your baby being in pain...our 15 week old puppy broke her rear leg two weeks ago. My vet thought she also dislocated her hip (which is an "easy" fix), but I didn't think so. Her screaming was just awful to hear; just broke our hearts. One x-ray later, no such luck - the tibia was broken in two places - ouch! One surgery and $2,000 later, she'll be as good as new after 6 weeks of crate rest, no jumping, running, playing etc. REALLY hard on a 4 month old Sporting dog puppy!
Get better quick, Oreo!

Poor baby, I hope she's gotten some good drugs and is zoning in her own little puppy world right now. And I hope her family is doing okay being away from her. {{{Hugs}}}

I'm so glad you trusted your gut and got this looked at right away, but I'm also miffed because what the hell are these emergency clinics for if all they are going to do is say "take two aspirin and call me in the morning"??!!! GRRRRR! Anyway, sending prayers and hugs for your sweet baby and please keep us posted AND if we need to send some $$ to help pay the vet bill, YOU can also be a recipient of the DGMS funds!

OMG. I wonder how the heck she dislocated her hip? I know in people it takes a serious trauma to do it, like a car accident or contact sport. I hope you let the emergency vets know--they are so damned expensive and should have give you and Oreo a correct diagnosis!

she is sooo cute! Here's to a fast recovery and lots of doggie biscuits! If you had waited that long for a dislocation it would have been that much harder to pop back in I would imagine. Owww!

Poor little puppers! Glad you went with your gut and got her some help. Positive thoughts and healing energy from our family to yours!

Good job following your gut instinct momma! Oreo and the entire Sharp clan are in my thoughts. Glad you found out sooner than later. A week with that injury probably would have been torture for her.

Sending you and Oreo good thoughts aplenty and more! (I, too, hate the thought of animals in pain, so I'm really glad that you trusted your gut.)

Sweet little Oreo will be fine once they put her hip back where it belongs. Pomeranian's can be predisposed to hip dysplasia. It is not uncommon in Poms or just in older dogs. Lots of hugs and a soft pillow and Ro will be running in circles in no time.

Oh no! I am so glad you went with your gut. Poor Oreo, and poor you! Healing thoughts headed your way.

Poor lil Ro! I'm sure that dislocated hip is extremely uncomfortable but thank goodness you decided to go ahead and take her in to the regular vet. I (and our 4 dogs) will be praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Poor 'Ro! Mom's just "KNOW" when things aren't right. But I am thinking WTF is up with the emergency vet? They couldn't diagnose a dislocation? I would want my $ back for that visit.

Get better soon 'Ro. My cat Dallas who hurt his leg several months ago is JUST NOW able to jump up on the computer desk, bathroom counter and get to the top tier of the cat tree...

I'm so glad you listened to your gut, too! Poor little girl! That's got to be SO painful, and I'm very happy she'll be one step closer to a recovery by later today.

And look at that sweet face in the pic above - total adoration, total trust, total comfort - even in spite of the pain she's in... knowing that her humans will always be there to take care of her :-)

I'll be sending strong doggy healing vibes your way, Ro!

Oh, poor Oreo!!!! Love and prayers heading your way.

Awwww poor 'Ro! She is just the sweetest thing! Healing thoughts & prayers your way!
Gte better quick Ro!!

Thanks so much for the update Linda. Every time one of mine jump down from the sofa or a bed, I am afraid one of them is going to dislocate a hip. I know they shouldn't be on the furniture...but isn't that why they call it FURniture?
Anyway, hope Oreo is feeling better soon and back to her old self.

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