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Monday, November 15, 2010


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Boo Kitty would never lower herself to such demeaning treatment - she considers herself royalty and above all human behaviors. Baby Boo, on the other hand, would probably be all into it.

That cracked me up! Eenie would definitely not sit still for that. Loved the captions of the cat "talking"!

Our female cat, Cassie, would totally sit still for this (but, to be honest, she has the IQ of a doorstop). Our male cat, Joey, however.... no friggin' way. He'd turn into Chuck Norris in 5...4...3...2...1. FURRY DEATHBOMB.

Carrie - wear body armor? LOL

Shawn - you can bathe her again, you simply must be more prepared.


Not going to try this...I have my cat Smudge a bath last March and she got one of her claws in my arm so deep that it took until a few weeks ago to heal completely. I have a nice scar to remind me: NEVER AGAIN GIVE HER A BATH.

My daughter's cat would not only shred the paper, I am pretty sure she would shred whoever was trying to wrap her up too.

That's a cute one. My mom has 6 cats now and I think there's only two of them that would actually put up with that. There's one that would probably let you get him all wrapped up & then proceed to destroy it as soon as you are done :)

:-) And I got it from Ashe, who got it from a girl we did Natala's vegan workshop with. Things tend to spread like that lol.

The more I think about it, the more I think I once had a cat who was patient enough for this. She never would scratch y ex's obnoxious nephews no matter how much they tortured her.

I could do this with one of my cats, she's just silly that way. My daughter has always been dressing her up and making her dance since she was a kitten. The other cat - he'd run as soon as we pulled the paper out.

I saw this video last year, and we talked about doing that to the silly cat. Haven't yet, but still might! LOL

I got this from Carrie :)

I know that 5 out of my 5 cats would turn into fur tornadoes if I tried this. None of them have the middle name of 'Mellow'!

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