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Thursday, November 04, 2010


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And you are right - Toni would have been all over this like stink on shit... lol.. I miss my girl...

And some people wonder why I am gay....

I once knew a guy that "packed" one of those pine tree rear view scent thingies when he was going out on the town. Said if he had any chance of "getting some" he wanted the chick to think he was "fresh" off the showroom floor!!

I think I peed a little from laughing so hard when he told me that.

Thought I'd share since it seemed to go so well with the above story...NEVER thought I would get the chance to retell THAT story! Thanks, Linda!!

My hubby can't stand the smell of fish. Period. End of story. (I can't even order fish when we go out to eat together). One of his buddies at work asked him, "If you don't like the smell of fish, how do you 'eat at the Y'?". My husband answered back, "Dude, if your old lady smells like fish, you need to throw her back in the pond"!

"brought home some strange" - too funny, Paul!

Toni is laughing with us and saying GROSS as well.

Re: Toni...Um, "Twatwaffle" comes to mind...

That is hilarious! I wonder what she thought about herself once she sobered up and figured out why she was in jail....

@Tracy - this is one of those posts that Toni would have forced us to look at. I can only imagine what she would be saying right now lol

OK, it's posts like this that make me miss Toni most. Can you just imagine the comments she would have right now? LOL.

I don't think there's a guy in the world who hasn't been "gifted" with that particular scent, but guys have to be hygienic too. We don't want to gross out the ladies any more than the ladies (most of them) don't want to gross us out.
I remember a night long ago when my brother brought home some strange, and the next morning the whole house was "EW!" Sad thing was, the "stranger" didn't seem to notice!


Crap - my post didn't post! I said...

In the words of the Woman of Saturday Night Live (in their best Southern Drawls...)

"Looks like we won't be havin Colonel Angus for Suppah."

Well, there's actually a valid point hidden in that ridiculous saying. No, good hygiene does not smell like fish. BUT, there is a difference between clean/soap/healthy smell and artificial perfume/chemical smell. And yes, if it smells like Yankee Candle or the entire Bath & Body Works store, it's scary and there's a problem.

I actually had a boyfriend who said to me once "if it smells like a fish make it a dish, it it smells like perfume, give it some room"!!I blew him out of the water! What???? I told him that good hygeine does NOT smell like fish. Getting laid 4 times in 48 hours, without a shower leads to that wonderful smell. Never quoted his uncle again to me....men can be such idiots! What? Smelling nice means we're hiding something?

eeew..i am laughing really hard though. Perhaps some Summer's Eve next time...

Exactly! I see this as the lead for a utube video ad for 'sanitary wipes'!!

Bob - true...but if you market them as being sexy...and make them smell good (Axe would the folks I could see marketing these)...you could make a mint!

Shawn, they're called 'baby wipes'.

I heard this story on the radio this morning and I wondered what your take on it would be Linda. Thanks for obliging me. LOL

And I agree with everyone - EW. That's just downright nasty.

I just want to tell you that I love how clever you are with your blog article titles!

My husband thought they were funny too! Now if only...someone would come up with a "get fresh" type of deal for the nether regions of MEN Sweaty and Stinky...Ewwwww

Shawn, the get fresh with friends commercials? They're hilarious.

I'm with everyone so far. EWWWWWW

This woman has not obviously been passed the box of feminine wipes I've been seeing on TV...which my husband made FUN OF.

Wow, that's...just..wow. Ew.

Wish I hadn't been eating while reading this....too gross for words!!!


No wonder he was estranged....YUK!

No one having crabs for dinner I take it?

Ew... that is so gross.

Ew. Just ew.

SORRY, "fungal IN the jungle" !!

OK, had to puke first and then LMAO!! Loved the "fungal the jungle" comment - HYSTERICAL!!

Oh man - that's just GROSS!

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