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Sunday, November 14, 2010


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Linda - Not that you don't have enough to do, but would you mind posting your recipe for Brookies or a link to the one you use.

Sure hope Oreo is doing well. Thanks for your great blog.

I.live.in.your.world. Might I suggest that the next time anybody has the nerve to email you to bitch about lack of content, just remove them. period. Maybe that will force them to get a life.

I hope you have gotten a chance to breathe and relax a little! Screw anyone who gives you grief for not posting regularly - you owe us nothing! We love you and love the blog, but for gosh sakes, have a life.
Hugs from Lewisville

I am exhausted reading this. How many Red Bulls did it take to do all this? Seriously...you amaze me.

Sending love to Ro to feel better soon.

Please keep us updated on Oreo. Poor little thing. I hate when our pets hurt because they can't tell us what hurts all the time, and it just makes me sad that I can't do anything about it all the time.

Well haven't you been one insanely busy woman! Glad to hear everything went well & I hope Ro's leg is continually healing. Hopefully you don't have too much to do today and you can take some much deserved time for yourself! :)

What Katy said. If you're not here chruning out copy for our amusement, I assume it's because you're doing actual, important things.

I love you, and this blog, and I love when you post often and I have lots to read.

But damn. I'm not going to bitch about you having a life just cause mine tends to be a lot less exciting.

Linda: Sorry to hear about Oreo, please give him a kiss for me and keep us posted.
Regarding your schedule, for me, when I don't see the blog post change, I assume you're busy with your own life, and you are damn sure entitled to do that. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

Two words: Breakfast tacos???? YUUUMMM

Thanks for asking! I did not crate her last night but made a soft little bed on the floor in my room for her. She is still not putting any weight on that leg this morning so I am going to get her to her regular vet and see what they say.

How is Oreo doing? I thought of your dog as I watched mine sleeping on the sofa last night, and again when we went to bed...he sleeps at the end of my bed every night.
Hope he is doing better.

Well you are a busy bee.

I only had to build a cabinet and move a piano today. I THOUGHT I was busy. Goes to show how much I know!

Hope it calms down for you soon!

Oy! What a time! Time for a mojito (or two). As always, you rock! We can always talk amongst ourselves, or to ourselves!


Thank you for everything you do, so sorry I could not make it home to help this weekend.

I was not implying that Linda needed or wanted a pity party. Just pointing out that there is help to be had, if she ever decides to not be supermom. I have great understanding and empathy for any "single" mom, especially one that does everything Linda does. She has my utmost admiration because she accomplishes more than most folks do in a week, in one day. It was a bad joke and a poor choice of words, apparently.

Goodness gracious Linda! Whew! I'm tired for you!

Personally, I enjoy it when you mysteriously take a couple days off. The catch-up postings are always GREAT!!!! I'd suggest investing in a used car for Ken but sometimes the thought of them out on the road on their own is more worrisome than all the running you do for and with them. My e-mail address is still "amomonthemove" because of all my mom-taxi runnings. I should actually change it now to "amomenjoyingsittingonherbutt" since mine are grown and doing their own running. hmmmm - I may have to give that more serious thought.

Slacker. Hopefully you will do better this week.


Wow! You are one busy person with busy kids to boot. I got tired reading the description of your recent days here. That said, I'm enjoying the cooler weather Austin is getting right now. It's mice.

I hope the dog feels better soon. And I hope you get some much needed breathing time soon. Take care of yourself, you do some amazing things with both this blog and your kids.

OMG I am tired from reading!!!! Enjoy some down time and I hope Ro gets better.

Lord have mercy.........you are amazing. I, personally, would have taken one of Ro's pain pills.

You inspire me always - just you being you.

In all the years I've known Linda, I have never known her to look for, much less want, a pity party for herself. It simply isn't in her nature.

What Carrie said about jettisoning daughter and shame on peeps for complaining. Those of us who understand the Wonder Woman mentality also understand that once in awhile you get a day (or week) off to participate in real life. I know "Wonder Woman" is closer to the norm than the abnorm with you. Glad you are still alive to talk about it!

Linda, reading that just sucked the energy out of me, though I got a giggle at the idea of jettisoning Carson. (Mental image was hilarious)

You know that most of us understand you have a life, busy, vibrant kids, and that even a superhero can't be in two places at the same time. Take all the time you need for things to settle down at home, we will still be here when you get back!

As for the people complaining, shame on you! If you honestly can't entertain yourselves for a few days, you've got bigger problems than Linda not posting. If you want to start paying her to post on what you consider a timely basis, then you should negotiate that with her, but in the meantime, STFU!

Not looking for a "pity party", simply responding to the emails in my box.

I hope Ro will be okay. And um, wonder woman . . . learn to ask for help. If you don't ask for help, when you know it is available, you don't get as big of a pity party from everyone.

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" George Eliot

A bottle of booze and a hot bath sound very much needed! I just added more to your pile and emailed you the Honor Flight update :)

You ran out of adult diapers?
Exhausted just reading that... I'll go take a nap for you.

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