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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


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Not only don't I have a clue how to go about creating a Flarf, I am so at the bottom of this conversation that I really need enlightenment ... What Are Brookies???

Wow! Wonder what it takes to clean all that muppet puke up..... :p

Hope you enjoy your company tonight and just remember that Sunday it will be all over & so worth it! :)

Hey can I get a Flarf recipe?

Yes, please share! A fellow knitter here!

Yes Linda- would you mind sharing??

Linda, you are AWESOME! As someoe who always overextends herself as well, I know you are loving every minute of it!

Polar fleece? That's very cool. Is it an easy pattern? Would you share? I think my daughter and her friends' would love something like that.

Muppet puke - still making me laugh.....

hi - busy too - breathe. Muppet puke - LMAO

You're more talented than I am. I tried to make one of those scarves once... totally messed it up and never tried again.

Lori, you always get right down to it, dontcha!
Muppet puke - lol!

Linda, have a great (busy) week and enjoy your company.

Maybe it's just me, but it looks like the Muppets puked all over your dining room table. I'm just sayin'......

Hang in there, girl!!!

Those scarves look like fun! Great colors!!

Nice Flarfs you got there, Linda! You are doing an amazing job! Love the cartoon; some days I wish I had that many hands! Glad to know all is well at Casa de Sharp, that you are just busy, not having troubles.

Polar fleece. They are wonderfully warm and fluffy. The girls refer to them as Flarfs (Fluffy + Scarf)

What are the scarves made of? They look interesting!

And you are loving every minute of all of this!!!

LOVE the cartoon!! The picture says it all! Just remember to breathe! Good Luck!

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