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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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Happy Birthday, Scooter!!! Sounds like you ROCKED it. :-)

Happy Birthday Scooter!!! I hope to meet you and your mom someday IRL! And I know you probably don't want it to work, but I'm with Lori - - I need some of that NO-MO-GRO for my boy!

Happy Birthday Scooter! Gorgeous balloons for a gorgeous girl.

Happy Birthday Scooter!

WOW! What a lucky girl you are! And Medievel Times too, that was a really good birthday.

From Scooter (she's typing):

THANKS GUYS!!! and two people gave me money one was my grand dad he gave me a ten dollor bill and the other mr fred and bubba the dog they gave a bunch of money. So i got a moxie doll with computer,jambox,micriphone,music sheat,guitar,violin,and clothes and some other stuff and also books and a prince of persia ds game too so THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happiest of birthdays to you Scooter! Hope your day is fabulous!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Scooter!!

Happy B-day to the Scoot (again)!
Very cool balloons, Linda!

Happy Birthday Scooter!!! Hope you're having the bestest birthday ever and I hope you get lots of really neat presents!

Happy Birthday Scoot! I hope you have the most Scooterlicious day!!!

Holy cow, she's gonna LOVE this!!! I can't for her to get home from school! That's the coolest graphic ever! Thanks, Linda!

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