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Monday, November 15, 2010


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Thank you for sharing it which make me more confidence on my stand.

I can see all the people who like Manga going for this - it is definitely a cool effect! Personally, I would pay to see a who of these types of characters at a Vegas show or something - I would rather watch them than those blue guys.

Vocaloids are computer programs designed to sing with no help from real voices,there are several types of progam or some call them vocaloids.The one with green hair is Hatsune Miku who is also the most popular,the twin Ren and Len who always together,there is a blue haired boy named Kaito who is the oldest software along with Meiko. And Luka Megurine who is the newest. you can buy the software and create your own vocaloid and songs and such. but those are the original 6 softwares. They actually just came out with an upgrade that makes them sound more human and less mechanical. hope this helps!

Like Carrie, I think the technology is amazing. But the music? Nails on a chalkboard for me. Ugh. I hate techno.

My daughter is a big anime and manga freak. I could see her going to one of these with her anime club - especially if the performer was a character from one of the anime's.

That was actually pretty cool. Not my cup of tea music wise but I can understand the appeal.

My question is this: is the voice a computerized voice? or is it someone's real voice?

...better than some live acts i've seen (or been seen with)...

It is definitely unique and something I would want to go check out once if the ticket prices weren't insane. I'm sure the experience and seeing it in person is pretty cool even though I'm not much of an anime fan myself.

I would love to see it once to see the technology at work, but that's the geek in me speaking and honestly if I was going to spend that kind of money I'd rather go to n NFL game or something.

But that looks pretty freaking awesome, and I'd love to know how they do it! Having loved classic video games all my life, the type which mostly come out of Japan (Final Fantasy, Saga Frontier, Chrono Trigger), I can totally understand the appeal of this. While I don't quite *get* the anime and manga thing, I certainly have dear friends who do, and I know it's at least as big as our blowing-shit-up industry is here.

My intent was to watch a few seconds, then answer your question with a resounding NO! But after watching a few seconds, I was hooked - they are pretty cool...I don't think I would spend $70-$180 (the cost of an Aerosmith ticket) to see them, but I might shell out $20...?

Anything if it makes Justin Bieber go away!!!

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