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Friday, November 05, 2010


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Hi Wendi! Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

WENDI!!!!! (hughughughughug)

The weird thing is that it had me driving from South Carolina all the way north to Seattle before jumping in the ocean. Wouldn't it be quicker to drive straight across to California first?

I'm wondering what it says about the various cultures that the Japanese get to jet ski to China, while Americans must kayak to Hawaii and the poor Brits are stuck swimming.


Is it just me, or did anyone else get "Jetski across the pacific ocean" when you put in Japan to China? Most amazing shit ever!

I am going to start ocean hopping on google maps and see if i cant find myself snorkeling across the Red Sea.

these are great! I remember the instructions to London as well. I used it as a teaser on my kids.

Mine was "Kayak across the Pacific Ocean 2756 miles enter Hawaii"...Hilarious!! Someone has a sense of humor!

How cute is that?

Lise, I remember those directions to England too! Tried it again, but you're right, it's not working any longer.

They used to have a fun "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean" direction if you got directions from, say, London to somewhere in the US. I'm sad that they "fixed" that glitch. It amused me that I was to swim to Boston Harbor, then get out of the water and drive. If I recall correctly, it recommended I get out of the water somewhere near an aquarium, and it occurred to me that they might look at you with a bit of suspicion if you wandered into (or around) an aquarium, dripping wet...

And if I put in directions from my house to Tokyo, I kayak to HI, drive across HI, then kayak over to Japan...

Maybe they want to promote healthy exercise :p

Japan to China step 43 is fun too.

It's going to take me 16 days, 10 hours and a kayak :)

Thanks for the giggle on this rainy, dreary morning!

Better get in shape for that leg of the trip...

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