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Sunday, November 14, 2010


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So glad that your Dad was happy! I was happy to be a small part of his special day. The quote about him having the most letters made me tear up. Thanks for sharing the story!

So beautiful. Picture is perfect. That is A HAPPY MAN. Tearing up. Thanks for sharing this awesome tribute and allowing us to participate.

I am so glad we could help make this a special time for your dad. He served his country and all of us and deserves to be honored for his sacrifices for us. I am sitting here at my desk..with tears streaming down my cheeks.

What an awesome story to share! Thanks for letting us all be apart of that experience & I hope he enjoys reading every last letter he got :)

Lisa: That is so beautiful! I'm tearing up just from the joy of knowing we helped make your Dad's day. Give him a big hug for me!

What a wonderful thing to read on a Monday AM! Thank you Lisa for letting us have the opportunity to thank your father, it was a great honor!

This group is SO awesome!! AND me too! Thank you, Lisa, for letting us be a part of this awesome experience for your dad! (I never knew about those Honor Flights!) Now that I do, I'll keep an eye out for more opportunities!

What a wonderful time for your dad, and for you! I hope the memories of this weekend and all those letters and cards will be a blessing to him and your entire family!

LOVE the picture and this story! Thank you for sharing the story and for sharing your Dad!

YAY!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of honoring your dad - it was so much fun!

Lisa, thank you for sharing your dad's story and the photo - I was so glad to be part of this, and it was an honor to be able to thank him for his part in protecting our country. Tell your dad that we are all so proud of him! (As I bawl my eyes out)

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