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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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Hello friends this is Alpinto.I am here to post a blog. All the articles is very good on this site. It is good on the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to my DGMS family!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

I hope Carson's trainer is exonerated and can return to the team. While there are so many true accusations, many, many are false and lives are ruined anyway. Linda, as always, you are showing sense in waiting to hear all facts and actual evidence before passing judgment. One can only hope none of it is true.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Have a wonderful & safe holiday. :-)

Carson, in case you haven't heard it enough, thanks for being you. This world could use a lot more like you. :-D

As much anger and sadness as I feel when an adult takes advantage and hurts a child, I feel just as much when accusations of that are used as a weapon to hurt an adult.

It's right and fair that it is such a sensitive subject, and that people feel compelled to protect a child, and I do NOT want to advocate for a culture in which the victims become the bad guys. But when accusations of this sort are used to seek revenge for some real or imagined slight, and they ARE NOT TRUE, there should be punishment for the false accusations.

happy thanksgiving to all...gin.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!! And to all the friends here!!
I hope the truth comes out soon and is a good outcome. Thoughts are with Carson and her team mates!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Sharp's - Carson, honey, keep your head held high and your focus on the game - we know you will. Linda, I too am glad that you will reserve your judgment until you have all the information - it's too bad some chose to spout their yappers before their brain has a chance to absorb things.

Good advice from Shawn - watch out for the impaired drivers out there...I'm lucky, I have a designated driver for life (he doesn't drink), but I do worry about others. Sending you love and thanks for being our voice of sanity in this strange world we live in!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Sharp Clan and the DGMS Family. I pray for safe travels for all of you! I also will keep Carsons' team and coach in my heart; I pray the truth comes out! Hugs to you all. So thankful to have this blogmunity!

Sorry to hear that Carson and her teammates are dealing with this and I am glad to hear but not surprised that you are being your level headed self and waiting to know more before passing judgment on the man. We all know that with allegations such as these that all it seems to take to ruin a person's life is the allegation itself and not the truth.

I still recall the McMartin Preschool case in California that destroyed a whole family and none of them were ever found guilty and it really appears as if it was all started by one parent whose husband may have been molesting his child. There have been many cases such as the McMartin case (I did a paper in my Forensic Psychology class on them).

On a HAPPIER note: Enjoy the soccer filled holiday weekend in Dallas. Good luck to Carson and her teammates. Be safe and watch out for the drivers on the road who think nothing of driving while impaired.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you on Monday....look for another Namaste donation from me. Money got tight suddenly so my donation this week may be a bit small... :-(

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels to you Linda and sending good thoughts to Carson and the entire team. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe drive to Dallas. It's unfortunate that Carson's trainer has ended up in that mess but hopefully everything will work out in the end. In the meantime, good luck to Carson and her team!!

I have a big hug waiting here for Carson - and an even bigger one for you! Can't wait to see you!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope all goes well for Carson and her team. I will include them all in my prayers.

Linda, I'm so sorry to hear that Carson's team is going through something like this - especially during the holidays! I have every faith that Carson will be the glue that holds her team together, and that they will find a way to be strong through this adversity.

Travel safely, and wishing all the Sharps a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Linda, safe travels and good luck to Carson and the entire team.

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