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Monday, November 08, 2010


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Those are adorable!! You did an awesome job on them Carson!! :)

How cute is that! Great job Carson!

Carson! You're very talented!

They are really cute, Carson. Great job!

Lovely work, Carson. I love cards that are done by a family member.
My mother insisted that we do the Christmas cards for years. The assignment rotated between myself, and my sister and brother. I remember hating doing it sometimes (especially when I was older). However, now looking back, those cards are cherished by us all.

Excellent! Please give Carson a huge SQUISH for me! And I'll give her another one myself in a few weeks. :o)

I should have the other 25 by the beginning of next week and will get them out to you ASAP!

*squeeeee!!!!* I love love love love LOVE my Christmas cards. Love. Them. LOVE THEM! I keep going back to my bag and looking at them.... seriously.

Thank you so much, Carson. You freaking rock my socks off.

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