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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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They were great, happened to catch it. Voices of reason in an unreasonable world.

Those babies are too cute -- could eat them right up.

Oh my goodness! Look at those cutie pies! I just want to hug them and bite those fat cheeks! Absolutely adorable! Loving those t-shirts!

Thanks for the heads-up, will definately want to see these adorable babies again!

If only, if only!!!!

Jen, my daughter is due tomorrow, and has a doctor's appointment tomorrow too. If she hasn't started labor, they said they were going to schedule an induction. Wouldn't it be cute if you both had your babies the same day?

OMG!!!! No thank you!!! I still haven't given up on today. :-)

Awwww! Completely awesome!

Hey Jen, I remember when I was pregnant with my first son, I felt like I was going to be pregnant FOREVER. He was due on March 8th and was born April 7th. He weighed 9-15 and was 21" long. He was huge! Starting about the end of January I would hear "awe, you haven't had that baby yet" and I'd joyfully say "oh no, it's not due till March". Then as the end of February approached "you still haven't had that baby yet", I'd reply "not yet, but soon, I'm starting to get miserable". By the end of March (when we had a unusally warm spring here) and still no baby, it was "you can't STILL be pregnant", gritting my teeth, I'd reply "no I think I'm gonna be pregnant for the rest of my life!". But thankfully, after all of that, he was born, healthy and happy. It was all worth it!
BTW, these little guys are adorable and I love their shirts!

These three are soo cute!!! Makes me want my twins to be here right now!!! (They are NEVER gonna make their appearance!)

I wonder if they switch t-shirts depending on the way they are acting on any given day.
Too cute. Kathy, agree with you on Jen's twins...she is miserable.

So cute! Will have to watch Nightline for sure!

How cute are they?

Beeeeeutiful Babies!!! Hopefully Jen's twins will be making their appearance very soon too!

going to set the DVR right now!

Those babies are delish!

Awww... Absolutely Adorable.

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