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Monday, September 27, 2010


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Carson, I hope you have fun. Germany is an awesome country. :) I remember all the trips that I wasn't able to go on, so I'm more than happy to give.

Oh, and thanks for causing "Too Legit To Quit" to start rattling around in my brain. My very first concert was to see M.C.Hammer. :D

Carson and Linda, I'm so excited to be able to give this year to both Yes, Virginia and to help with Carson's trip. It means the world to me especially since I was one of the Yes, Virginia recipients last year. [Deja loves her bike.]
FYI, my donation will be coming from my legal name [I neglected to put DeDe in the message, but the subject says "For Carson's dream."] I hope you have a blast in Germany! I hope to be in the Austin area soon [I'm 2 hours south in Victoria] visiting my family & friends. So be sure to post when/where your team is doing fundraisers so if I'm in town, I can go by. At the very least, I'll harass my friends & fam to go support you. :)

Carson, good luck with the fund-raising. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you and your team!
I hope to be able to donate to your fund with my next paycheck.

Soon as we can put it together we'll donate a few bills because there is nothing better than a kid who is LEGIT about exceling in a sport and at life.( i probably didn't use that right, but hey I grew up a long time ago and we would have said "too cool for sohool"

But more importantly, LOVE YOUR CARTOON!!! You have a talent there too. As my son who also cartoons would say, "it's epic"


Aww Chicky - that makes you like a Fairy GodPimp! =)

Carson - if anyone deserves this, it's you. We are all so proud of you and love it when your mom brags on you. I wish I could help now, but I've been out of work since May, 09 - ugh. Phil has been told there will be a layoff on Friday, and is scared he will be on the chopping block. (Keep your fingers crossed for us!!)

Anyway, you don't know this about me, but in my last job, I was the charitable donation manager. Working for a hotel, we received lots of requests for donations that we honored by giving away cash, rooms or meal certificates. It was a way for the company to get involved locally and also get a tax write-off. Since I did this for 7 years, I witnessed a lot of requests and got an insight as to what worked and what didn't. I've also been involved with the planning and execution of a couple fund-raisers, so I have some suggestions for you, that I will send to your mom in an email.

Earlier this month, we held a benefit for a friend that was dying from cancer (he ultimately died right before the event), but through the requests we made, we were able to raise more than $18,000 in one afternoon. If you and your teammates are willing to do the work (and it does involve work), then with my help, I think you could have a successful fund-raiser. I can help on my end with advice and tips (it would actually give me something fun to do with all my spare time). Let me get to work on that email, and I will send it later today.

Good luck to all of you - you DO make us proud!

Tracy, that's hilarious and amazing. I am going to have to remember that!

Carson, you're awesome. That's all for now lol.

Carson, a local football team here had a great fundraiser they did this summer. They purchased a "flock" of pink yard flamingos and went to neighborhoods for $15 you could "flock your neighbor" with a dozen pink flamingos and for $25 you got to "flock" them with 24. Members of the team would come in the night and do the flocking and you would wake in the morning to a find the flamingos in your yard and a note on the door explaining you had been flocked, and how you could get in on the fun. The note laid out the price and what the money was going towards. The lucky "flocked" now had the opportunity to become the "flocker" of someone else in their neighborhood. More members of the organization would come back that afternoon/evening and get the payment and address of the next house to be flocked. The beauty of this is that you can have more than 1 neighborhood going at a time and I know from experience that it goes around the same neighborhood more than once. My parents were flocked 4 times in a 2 week time span. People were excited to get up in the morning and see who had been flocked. Also, the start up costs are minimal. Hope this helps! Have a great time in Germany because of what I have read of you, you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to and I know that you are going.

A super Legit fundraiser is Butter Braids. OMG these things are so good and my daughter's soccer team sells them and people are usually begging for more.

Or do a thing where people donate per goal that you score or lap that you run around the field (this is one the little kids do; at a buck a lap they usually make out pretty good).


Expect a donation from Bitsy and her Soccer loving humans!

I love Germany and hope to vacation there again someday soon!

Carson....I was your age when my Dad was awarded a prize to go to a school anywhere in the world,he chose Berlin University.and so I spent a year in Berlin and saw Europe..Not only was it was magical and was 1969 and the Wall was still up...and I would love to help you out...thanks for asking and sharing....

@ Jamie Yum!!! Rocky Rococo...Used to love their whole wheat, veggie pizza!!!

Will be happy to add to the fund. Good luck Carson!

Our schools also do fundraising through (ugh - I know) McDonalds & Rocky Rococo. They set aside a certain night & a percentage of the sales from the evening goes back to the school. I would check out all avenues!
Good luck Carson!

Thanks Linda! That gives me some time, then. Things are starting to look up for us moneywise, but it hasn't quite happened yet.

I'm not sure what, exactly, Best Buy might be able to do, but they are really big on local community involvement, so it might be worth a call as well - it may just turn up in the form of an outright donation, or their employees might help stage a fundraiser, something like that.

Carson, what a LEGIT opportunity for you and your teammates. I also look forward to reading a blog entry one day indicating what colleges have come calling to have you play for them and which one was the lucky choice! As I don't follow college soccer, what college or colleges are ones you would want to play for?

Count me in as helping! Will submit something after I get paid on Friday.

Legit....and sent...with a special request for Carson <3

You are too legit, Carson dear.

I am currently unemployed but will send something asap... even if it comes a little late you will be able to use it for spending money which you will so definitely need for souvenirs and other stuff.

If I were your mom I would brag too, but I know how it is... I would go scarlet whenever my mother started in about us. But since she went through 1 million hours of labor.... ya gotta let them.

The Outback idea is great...

You might also consider holding a two day soccer clinic for little girls who are on the cusp of being old enough to join teams -- $75-100 a pop -- the team would have great fun and the kidlets would see some role models in action.

Suggestion: Contact your local Outback Steakhouse and ask them if they do fundraisers. Ours opened early on a Sunday and had the lacrosse team invite their friends and families to lunch. We made all of their profit as they just wrote the whole thing off as a charitable donation. Might be worth a phone call to check to see if they'll do that kind of thing for your team to help out.
Good luck!!!!

too legit to quit! Carson, You can count on us - - Friday's payday, so $$ coming your way then! :-)

Hey Carrie - she is off to school now...

We put the deposits down by this Thursday and then there are payment dates between now and May to pay it all off. That's why the team is brainstorming all kinds of fundraisers for the months ahead, but each girl is charged with raising her own funds for her trip as well.

Carson, I am guessing it has to be booked in advance, so do you know when the cutoff date is? I can't help right now but I really hope to be able to in the next couple of months.

Carson! That is SOOOOO friggin' awesome! Look for my donation in the morning!

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