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Saturday, August 28, 2010


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What's really sad is no one stepped up to help any of these people. They just stood there and laughed. Sad.

I felt bad for the guy at the little store. I couldnt believe that went on for so long and at no time were the police called. They would have assessed that he needed medical help and called out an ambulance and paramedics.

The dude trying to put on his shorts as a shirt was hysterical and so was the guy having trouble with his flip flops. I liked the comment on the guy fighting the tree..."this next tree has evasion skills" or something like that.

I cant set up a tent sober.

The guy in the liquor store video:
1) I really really hope he didn't drive there himself!
2)The last thing he needs is that pack of beer!
3) If somebody drove him there, wtf are they thinking letting him buy more alcohol (or even driving him there in the first place)?!
4) Why didn't they call 911?
5) At least they didn't let him buy the beer!

Oh, come on! I want to see you try to wear your pants as a tube top!

ok, i'm not doing any of this shit, but I'm glad no one I dn't trust, has access to a video camera right now!!

Linda: I'm as drunk as you feel. these are F**in' hysterical!!!!!!

And weed is illegal...

Lori - that's exactly how I felt about it.

The guy in the little supermarket had several seizures during the video clip... I hope to God someone called an ambulance for him. The other clips were hysterical, but the supermarket one was very disturbing for me to watch. He was obviously suffering from severe alcohol poisoning.

I can honestly (and thankfully) say that I've never been as wasted as the dude at the Quicky Mart - he was seriously inebriated. I wonder how that evening ended up for him? Someone should have called the police or an ambulance.

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