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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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They all looked like they were playing with themselves to me.

I don't get the appeal of this! There was an air band on America's Got Talent, and I was very happy that they didn't get very far. I just couldn't understand how a couple of guys NOT playing and singing could be in competition with people who WERE playing and singing.
I guess it takes all kinds.

Chicky - that would have been interesting to see/hear. I enjoy the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games (it allows me to fulfill my rocker fantasy from childhood...since I have not ability to play an instrument or sing). LOL

When we went to Laughlin, I saw they had a Guitar Hero game in the Arcade and after several beers .. I decided to try it. I figured...piece of cake as I had gotten to Hard level on my games at home (tho typically I am not inebriated when I play). I of course chose "hard" difficulty and failed the song. LOL Immediately went back to gambling.

Yuck - the dude who won was positively smarmy!

On a different note (and I realize this IS different), when we went to the Aerosmith concert last Thursday, one of the highlights was the real Joe Perry challenging Guitar Hero Joe Perry to a riff contest - they had Guitar Hero Joe Perry on one of the big screens, and super-imposed the real Joe Perry onto the screen with him - it was very cool and a bit surreal!

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