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Monday, August 30, 2010


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I loved the opening. My favorite part, though, was Jorge Garcia! (Hugo from 'Lost.') Where the heck did he come from?!!

Loved the Emmys last night and can't wait for a new season of GLEE.

Did you guys know that there is official licensed GLEE clothing at Macy*s? I don't know if it's in the budget for my three GLEEK girls but I thought I'd put it out there for the other back to school shoppers:

I LOOOOOOOVE Glee. I feel like I'm 16 when I'm watching it and at the Shubert Theatre in Boston seeing A Chorus Line for the first time. My favorite show EVER!

And I didn't get who Kate was until reading comments here.

Loved it!! I am a total Gleek and soooo needed a pick me up today! That was just what I needed :)

I watch Glee here and there. Not exactly a Gleek but I like the show. That opening was fantastic. Plus they put Betty White in it....she is PRICELESS.

Linda, I KNEW you would have this! I set my DVR, but it didn't start for some reason, so I got it recording later, but missed the first half hour. I was SO bummed that I missed the opening - but trust you to have it for us!

Damn, that big guy from "Lost" can sing! Very funny opening.

Best opening EVER! I'm a Gleek as well. Betty White-what a treasure!

Crap! I missed it - forgot all about the Emmy's...that opening was excellent tho - I too am a Gleek, and proud of it. I just read that Jane Alexander won for best supporting actress - I've loved her since she appeared on Old Christine - she is amazing in everything she does - exactly the kind of humor I love! Congratulations!!!

This opening was great! And every skit Jimmy Fallon had was as well. What a talent he is. Was the 1st time in a long time, I actually watched a whole awards show, because I didn't want to miss the fun stuffbetween the actual point of the show. (Okay, I admit, I did snack and bathroom runs during ppl's acceptance speeches, but I digress, lol).

First time I've enjoyed the Emmys in a long time. Jimmy Fallon - who knew?

Loved it! I even love Kate in that she finally acknowledged that we are laughing AT her not WITH her and decided to join the party!

You're right that was the BEST opening! I loved it.

That was awesome! (Except for Kate. She sucked. But at least it was in a making fun of her kind of way.) Oh, and Tim Gunn MADE IT WORK!

He hosted SNL a while back and was a hoot!

LOVED Betty White, "Back that mother up!"

Total Gleek here - and I, too, loved Jon Hamm. I watch Mad Men and had no idea that Jon/Don was such a goof!!

I'm not a Gleek but I loved the opening. Especially Jon Hamm, it was a lot of fun.

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