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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food, so my weirdest (to me) was cereal with goat milk on it in Europe when I was a teenager (blech to warm goat's milk!) or an ostrich burger here in Dallas.
My husband worked in Tokyo for a while back in the 80's, and they fed him all kinds of things including squid in its own ink. Urgh!

Rattlesnake chili. Damn good.

In the late seventies there was a breakfast joint in Austin called Flapjack Canyon, and they had a dish that consisted of two huge pancakes (flapjacks) wrapped around canned tuna and covered with canned chicken soup and cheese. Sounds weird, but I was hooked on the ole "Number 14!"

PB&Dill Pickle has been a favorite of mine for 40+ years, but I don't consider it odd. My husband is from North Carolina and he convinced me to try livermush (GAG, HACK, SPEW!) I went to a Goat Roast once-it wasn't horrible. When I was little my dad used to LOVE beef tongue. I couldn't even stand the smell of the kitchen when it was cooking. I've tried almost all forms of game since my husband grew up hunting but I'm not crazy about any of it.

Being a "PA Girl" recently transplanted to the south, my friends here would definitely say the oddest thing I eat is scrapple.

But I'd have to go with chocolate covered ants. No comparison to the things some of you have tried . . .

Rocky Mountain Oysters ;-) (No, they are NOT oysters...) Now that I know what they ARE I don't eat them but I have convinced unsuspecting friends to eat them. My Grandmother and Dad both like to eat iceburg lettuce sprinkled with sugar. Someone once tried to feed my siblings & I Mac&Cheese with parsley added to it...uuummmm....NO!

I don't know how strange it is, but people always look at me funny when I eat sliced tomato with a sprinkle of sugar on it. Mmm, I love it. My Grandpa introduced me to it. :)

Audrey, was the brains and scrambled eggs via an elderly member of your family? My grandmother used to serve that to us as kids until my sister and I figured out what it was and balked.

There was a time that I made a sandwich that I called "The no date on Friday night sandwich." It was liversausage and sweet pickles and sardines and red onion and Miracle Whip spread on the bread. Haven't had it in years, but I remember loving it in my twenties.

Valerie, you got my hopes up that I might actually "meet" someone else who liked tuna melts with strawberry jam/jelly. At least I know they're out there somewhere...

Trying to think of something. Not much for eating weird combinations of food. I have had sushi and like it so I guess that is the weirdest I've eaten. The first time I tried it I was grossed out...then I gave it another shot and enjoyed it.

Liver pudding. Cow's tongue, brains w/ scrambled eggs, souse...probably a few other things.

makes me think of the trifle on Friends when Rachel mixed the recipes of trifle and shepherd's pie and Joey loved. "What's not to love? Custard, good..Jam, good...meat, good."

Katy, his name was Arne, but he loved Dr. Suess and had a wicked sense of humor and would do things just because. He also learned to shave with a straight razor after seeing Sweeney Todd. His face looked like hamburger for weeks while he was learning.

Bel: Was his name Dr. Suess?

The oddest thing I've eaten was a hamburger sundae for dinner at MIT. Apparently, there was a place in San Francisco that also served them (way back in the '70s or early '80s) and my friend from San Fran made it for the whole house (~32 of us) on April Fool's day. They weren't bad, but not great either. It's funny, your mind will only let you taste either the hamburger or the sundae part, but not the two together. I think it was a hamburger patty, cheese, ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream with a cherry on top. On another April Fool's day, the same guy made us Green Eggs (only the yolks are green) and (green) Ham and the next year was Red Fish, Blue Fish on Rainbow Rice (7 pots of rice on the stove, each dyed a different color, then mixed in a big bowl). He only cooked once a year, but they sure were memorable meals!

Mine isn't too unusual - I love bologna sandwiches with mayo, ketchup and dill pickles. On the other hand my husband was stationed in Japan when he was in the Marine Corps. He use to fly to Korea and the Philippines all the time where he sampled curried dog over rice and monkey meat on a stick - urgh.

I CAN'T believe there is another person alive that has eaten the tuna melt with jelly!!! My second year of college I lived with a friend and we rented rooms from her dad in his big house and every Sunday he would make us that for lunch... I only tried it once...UMMM NO!

I am such a picky eater now. Didn't used to be until I went to my boyfriend's house for lunch in high school and his mom served fish...with the head still on. It lay there looking at me and I just couldn't do it. Haven't eaten fish since.

Raw pickled jellyfish at one of my friend's college graduation parties. His parents, from mainland China, served us all these wonderful "delicacies" so we tried to be polite and gracious. Yuck...like chewing rubber bands...for hours! Oh, and that bacon looks totally nasty...and I LOVE bacon!

Condensed milk and banana sandwich. Delicious!

Since I'm Polish, it's gotta be duck's blood soup!

I got nothing....

Where do I start? Snake; Field Birds; Duck's Tongue; Goat's Brain (I was duped into eating this not knowing what it was). On a tamer note: Strawberry Jam or Ketchup & Mint Chutney Sandwich (not the jelly but the fresh mint chutney that goes with Indian food); Roo Meat Burger. That's all I can think of/remember for now.

I can't think of anything yet--I'm not a very adventurous eater, but my grampa used to tell us some stories about growing up poor in the 30's. One of their "special" treats was lard, spread on a homemade tortilla and sprinkled with a little bit of
sugar. Side note--he also started smoking at 9 YEARS OLD!!! It's amazing that he lived to 82.

OMG! Thought I was the only one who ate peanut butter and bologna sandwiches! Never tried it with the cheese tho, but I will now.

Ok I am never eating Eskimo Pie again! :-)

I like radishes dipped in Milk and Peanut Butter with [EXTRA SHARP] Cheddar Cheese Sammys.

Also, since I'm of Lebonese heritage, one of the staples I ate while growing up is Kibbee, which is raw lamb mixed with ginger, cracked wheat, and other spices. Spread it on Flat Bread - yummmy - still love it!

Wouldn't touch the colored bacon with a ten foot pig...Linda, what's your answer??

My sister sent me animal crackers for my dogs one year for Christmas. I thought she was just being funny and I ate them. I found out later they were REALLY for dogs. Who knew?

I've tried ostrich and kangaroo. I wouldn't recommend the kangaroo, but ostrich tastes like steak. Yummy!

Do childhood culinary concoctions count? I ate salami and ketchup sandwiches when I was little...now the thought makes my tongue curl up and disappear.

Oh Ginny PB & Eggs sound YUMMY......When I was little my mom had dog bones on the counter but they looked like cookies to me so I ate them. They weren't bad until I realized they were for dogs.

strangest thing ive ever eaten...was forced upon me without my knowledge...as a sophomore in high school...i loved to have my moms delicious meatloaf for lunch...ummmm...my sister kathy was a senior and poooopular...well i sat down with my friends from the basketball team...she sat with hers...the good lookin girls who ruled the school...i got ready for my sandwitch...and was half way thru it when her and her gang stood up laughing so hard...pointing at me...i was horrified...opened my meatloaf sandwitch...and quietly took out the milk bone dog cookies she had placed on the meatloaf when she made the sandwitch the night before...ok it wasnt strange...but i learned early not to trust what someone gives me to eat...only things i can find in the store for me...ok this is just for things u can do with peanutbutter...toast...smear of peanutbutter...scrambled egg...toast...ohhhh sweet jesus i can see the pearley gates...try it...gin.

Michelle: I've had the peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich, it's awesome. Also like butter and onion and/or cucumber sandwich (meaning sometimes both or just one of the two). My favorite though is peanut butter and balogna, with cheese, lettuce and mayo on a toasted english muffin with butter.
Any wonder why I'm 20 pounds overweight??!!

Peanut butter and pickles on toast. Its actually yummy!!!

I guess the strangest thing I eat (and I actually like to eat it) is a tuna melt with strawberry jam. My mother was the only other person I know of that liked this.

Lived in Alaska in early 70s. Learned to eat blubber-raw whale fat, Eskimo ice cream-made with lard and seal oil and treated to stewed fish heads-considered a special treat fed to guests!! It was quite the culinary adventure! But, I always remember the kindness and warmth of the Eskimo people, and their tolerance of people new to Alaska!

OMG that bacon looks so GROSS!!! Under no circumstances should you ever eat green bacon!! Ack!
Not sure the strangest thing I have eaten, I am always up to try anything but I haven't really every been anywhere too exotic. Maybe Alligator? Pretty boring stuff!

Easy! In 2000, my college choir visited Russia. While visiting a host choir in Ekaterinburg, they made dinner for us: beef jello. I'm usually up to try anything....once. And about one bite was all I could handle. Those are just 2 things that don't go together!

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