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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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I've been one of your major follower this year... your brilliant and educative post really beats my imaginations each time drop by to read blogs... i say keep the good work

I am 100% certain that this was a sexual abuse crime. They stripped him down, held him down, and violated his body. After tattooing him, they took him outside and FORCED him to drop his pants so that others could take pictures. Now, think if this had happened to a girl by four MEN. HE IS A MINOR and they tattooed a PENIS on him! This is sexual abuse of a minor! Can you imagine the public outcry if they had done this to a girl? Right. So, they all need to be tried as sex offenders and should have to register as such for the rest of their lives after some LONG jail time.

I'm ashamed because this happened in my town--the same high school at which Christa McAuliffe taught social studies. Although my daughter does not go to this school, I can tell you that from first hand experience that this bullying crap is completely out of hand. It's gotten so much press lately, but nothing really seems to be changing.

Not only is this moronic behavior, but it's sick and disgusting and breaks my heart. The parents of these "moron's" are equally as culpable for not instilling a sense of right versus wrong in them. It makes me ashamed to be among their same species. I will never understand how anyone can pick on someone simply because they are "different" - it's our differences that make us unique and distinquish [most of us] from animals.

Does the stupidity never end? It's like an epidemic of moronic behavior is plaguing this country.

Terrible. One of the reasons we haven't found a sitter for Lily (besides my mom and my husband's parents), is because I'm afraid of ending up with some scary person who might do things to Lily. Of course, before leaving Lily with anybody we would get to know the person, but you can never really really know until you take that risk. My husband and I went to play mini golf this past weekend and some of the parents were letting their kids cut and play on the hole we were in the middle of, and didn't act like there was anything wrong with it.

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