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Friday, May 28, 2010


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The Antarctic penguins are dying, we will go to save it

Just got back from Vegas Vacation and this is GREAT! Nice idea! Wad definitely wad...Only Charmin Ultra.... It's like the american cheese singles...Only Kraft..
Natala...I'm in Utah, when are you going to Park City? Maybe I could swing up and meet...

Along similar lines, do you sit or squat in a public loo? I'm pretty partial to the semi-squat myself. Something I learned while working in the MiddleEast.

I fold. My daughter can use a roll a day so she must wad. I mean really? It's not that big. LOL

I'm a wrapper - I like my TP stack neat and tidy. And there is one thing I NEVER allow myself to run out of - toilet paper!!!

I wad. Except when I'm on vacation. Then I fold just because I imagine it's part of living the life of luxury.

I was thinking underwear...fold or wad. I typically don't bother. Bras are not exactly foldable and panties are a "why bother" for me.

But since it was regarding toilet paper usage...I wad. I am with Chicky, I get in and out of there and don't waste any more time than necessary to take care of business. No reading for me no matter where I am.

What's wrong with you people? Don't you know how to use the three seashells?

My bathroom contains the collective works of Dr. Seuss. Always a good read, plus the kiddo likes the pictures and now that she is learning to read she is learning the useful skill of multitasking early on.

good god i thought this was about lundry...if i fold or wadd...well if it is laundry...i dont do either...i just go buy for toilet paper...i mummyfy( yeah its spelled shoot me)...but nothing is gonna touch my hand...linda i love this idea for topics...your such a hoot...have the very best weekend and holiday...stay safe all...gin.

OMG!!! I won't ask if I nailed their advertising slogan!

Actually, there *is* a fully automatic toilet, although I cannot imagine it doing AS good a job as actually wiping. My MIL got one when neuropathy made it impossible for her to grip *anything* -- it actually rinses (choose your speed and pressure), and dries with a nice warm stream of air :o)

Fold. Plus I count the squares (

Natala I vote for St. Louis...YOu can come help me with Madi & the twins. :-D

On my list of unecessary things that haven't been invented yet is the automatic toilet paper. Slogan? "Look Ma! No hands!"

Ok, first off, when I read "fold or wad" I thought of underwear not toilet paper!

The answer is fold for both! I am also a reader on the home toilet but not so much the public one.

Great idea, by the way!

I wad because it's fast and easy.

When I was little, my grandmother (who was a real piece of work!) had cheap, rough TP as well as thick, soft TP by the toilet. I remember her giving me a lecture on how I should get an equal length of both and fold them up together a certain way so that there was both a rough and a soft surface available, so I could use both to wipe.

Seriously. She also told me straining to poop would give me a hernia, and I've lived in fear of getting hernias my whole life.

But, now that I think about it - this may reduce the "awe" factor next time you chime in with a bounty of info on some obscure subject. Just sayin'......LOL

Lori! Useless information?? No way, you are keeping the mases informed!

I'm a wadder, and my bathroom contains a wall-length shelving unit full of current-events publications dating all the way back to the 1990's.

Y'all ever wonder where I get all my wonderful, useless information? Mystery solved: I get it while I'm sitting on the pot. Wadding.

Thanks Pat. It's been a tough week!

Oh Michelle, so sorry to hear about your father in law. Sending healing thoughts to you and your family.

To answer RB's question - I wad, with a wrap. Not so much reading in the bathroom lately, find it more comfortable to read in bed, or on the couch, than sitting on a hard plastic seat (you get indentation marks if you sit there too long!)

Great idea RB!

Omg. I have been away from the blog this week as my father in law passed away and this is the first post I see. Lol- a much needed laugh!

I wad no time to fold!

I usually wrap, sometimes fold. In a house full of girls we go through so much TP, I should buy stock in Charmin. (I actually use White Cloud or Angel Soft)

I think this is a great idea RBlues and we should decide where Natala and Matt should go after Austin. My vote is no where, just stay here. And Chicky, it is too cold for them to go east in November. Warmer climates await.

1. I fold
2. Never in there long enough to read
3. I am work full day today too

The northeast is beautiful in November. How about Maine, Natala?

Definately time to fold. I am usually in a hurry.
Also, I am going on vacation for a week to play with my grandson, and not taking my computer, so if you don't hear from me, don't worry. I will be back. Will probably post some pics from my phone to my facebook acct., so if you are one of my facebook friends, you will know I am still alive.
Ron, I am still here at work for another hour and then VACATION!

Is there a choice of "undecided"?

Travel EAST young grasshopper, EAST...towards the ocean, there are SO MANY of us out here who want to meet you! Dammit, it's OUR TURN!

Currently trying to lose weight so I don't waddle as much.

Oh wait - different kind of wad?

Also we're headed to Park City, UT for 2 months - anyone in Utah? Then it's Boulder, Austin and we're trying to figure out where to next.

Linda - maybe one of your questions should be where Matt and I should travel - starting in November :) we have NO clue.

I don't read in public stalls either--I was just kidding about that. I don't even really like to "go" in public restrooms unless it's an emergency and then I'm in-and-out. I'm very mindful of the other ladies in waiting not to mention my hubby, who's probably waiting for me outside the door.

I'm here too! Boss is gone - what's up with that??? Always slow here so I get lots of Internet / Facebook time!

Fold away for me! And ditto on the reading, I always make sure that there is a book or magazine handy wherever I go and I have to wait in a line. Except for public restrooms though (mindful of the women who are waiting outside!) Love this idea RB!

My husband just got home. I told him I had a very important question for him. He sat down and looked at me intently and said, "okaaay?" I asked (in the most serious voice I could muster...), "Do you wad or fold? ...and please elaborate." He looked at me for a full 30 seconds with a puzzled look on his face (I know he was wondering what it was he had done wrong, and how was I going to catch him at it), then he finally "got it", he rolled his eyes and said, "DGMS?" I just burst out laughing and ran in here to report!

Nice to hear I'm not the only one :-) and yes definitely not motivated to do any work

Ron -

I am at work - but sooooo not working! My boss & most of my teams (I am an Admin and I support aprox 90 people) are gone - nice and quiet! Perfect for reading Linda - farming on farmville etc...LOL

Wad, normally. Although sometimes the situation calls for a nicely folded pad-like thingy.

Varies, but I like a fluffy wad most times.

Chicky, I don't think it takes long at all (no longer than doing whatever I went in for). I am a reader at home, but if I have to go when I am out and about I am in and out as fast as possible.

Definitely a wadder...I have another one...Am I the only person who has to work a full day today? My boss isn't even here!

I wad. Who has the time (or energy) to fold?! Not me!!! :)

PS. I LOVE this idea!!!

I seriously love you people. Only here would such an in depth discussion about wipeage habits be possible. :O)

(I fold.)

I am with Kathy...the wad will do. Also, in total agreement that the person to use the roll "near" the end has a COMPLETE and EXPRESS duty to change the roll! I hate seeing that single lonely square hanging there. It serves no purpose! (Except is there are no more rolls in the cupboard! Then that single square is a Godsend!)

Thanks for the great idea RBlues!

And Linda--Can you post some terms people have used to stumble upon this site? I miss that!

RBlues, I was cracking up reading ur post! That is exactly what I do! If a red light is too long, I will pick up my book and read, at the line at the bank and the Pharmacy....everwhere and especially in the bathroom. Cannot tell you how many shampoo and air fresher bottles I have read! Too funny! BTW, I am a wrapper!

I'm a folder in the stall and of the laundry, but my kids are wadders. I can tell.

Wrap and then wad to avoid the hole in the wrap. RBlues, so glad to know that I'm not the only reader - shampoo, conditioner, air freshner, whatever is handy. Chicky - Don't replace when you use the last? In my house that is an offense punishable by banishment! I keep those cabinets WELL STOCKED!

Chicky, I'm reading! LOL!

Tina, do you use that method when you are in a hurry? It seems like it might take a few seconds more. I've always wondered what women do in the stalls while I am waiting with my knees held tightly together. I can pop in and out of a stall in a few seconds flat, but no other woman I know can do can I ask a Part B to this question...? What exactly are you all doing in there that takes so freekin long?

I am a wrapper. I use so much toilet paper that I can through a roll a day. It drives my husband crazy, but I am a bit "anal" (heehee) about cleanliness.

I read. Incessantly. Sometimes I "go" just so I can read a few pages! It's the only place I can find some peace and quiet--although now that Jovonni (my 3yo grandson) can open doors--not so much! I'm so bad, I almost can't go if there's nothing to read. If I'm at somebody else's home, I get SO happy if they have a magazine rack in there. If they don't, I find something--I can almost tell you all the ingredients of shampoo and air freshener.

p.s. I wad but don't you hate how every now and then there's a "loophole" and you make skin-to-skin contact?!

Neither - I wrap! I wadded when I was a kid - but I am a wrapper now! =)

Linda, can't you see my answer? I can see it!

Both - wad first then fold a nice smooth layer around it.

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