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Monday, May 31, 2010


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Jamie - where in Wisconsin? :)


Right now we are considering Hilton Head in Nov and then FL.
Debbie - we will definitely be in Tampa at some point - we have stuff at my Mom's that we need to sell.

Now Matt's thinking North East... and Michigan areas.

North East people might have swayed us - we had vowed never to live in that area - but being that there are so many of you who think it might be a good idea....


also - Lori, yes we are still on for an IRL when we're in TX!

UM WOW. We're never going to stop traveling ;)

Right now we're in Park City UT next up is Boulder CO then Austin, TX

and then we're deciding after that - Nov-April.

We're back in AZ next May and June :)

You guys are awesome - keep it coming!

If you haven't been on a Southern Caribbean Cruise...There's nothing like it!! Oh and you must get a balcony room!!

If you end up coming to Dallas, be sure to let me know too. I want to crash your MIRL!

I second Katy's Jacksonville!! I know that Katy, Janna and I would love to have our own little DGMS convention with Tal and Matt!

Matt and Natala are back in Austin for early fall. By the time we are done with them (wish they would stay longer) it will be cold in New England. I vote for either staying in Austin through the winter or maybe traveling south of the border. I know a great place to stay (long term) in Cozumel.

Iceland. I hear the volcanoes are blooming this year...

Um, Tal, it looks like we win...just sayin

Pacific Northwest; maybe you can get photos of Salmon jumping or a whale!

Upstate NY is gorgeous in the fall!

I second Amy's Connecticut. New England is so beautiful in the fall!

Have you ever thought about Michigan? There are quaint little coastal towns, big cities (and I'm not talkin' Detroit), light houses, sand dunes, beautiful waterfalls, forests, farmlands, rivers, lakes, vineyards, wineries, festivals and the best part, all four seasons.

For purely selfish reasons, I think you should come back here as often as possible! Plus, everyone else gets your for a couple months. I only got you for a couple of weeks!! ;-)

But also, I'd love to see what pictures you'd come back with from New England. I've never really been up there, so I'll vote for that! (Added bonus: we'd be in the same time zone!) ;-)

I have to recommend St. Louis, MO. Very pretty in the fall and lots to do plus you can come see Madi and the twins. :-)

Your the ones who take the gorgeous pictures, right? I think NH is a good choice. :)

Natala - aren't you coming to FL in Nov/Dec? You're looking for somewhere between Utah and FL? I *totally* vote for New England somewhere -- it's absolutely beautiful.

I think I would have to go along with Chicky and Veronica, my ex-home of the Northeast. Although I am a Jersey girl, have lots of family in Massachusetts and it is soooo beautiful there in the fall.

ditto Chicky--the Northeast. You can visit your family here Tal! I would love to meet you both!

I was thinking Lebanon for international and my state, New Jersey :)

New England! Connecticut is really nice in early fall :)

Back to Texas, please. Or have you forgotten our date at the vegan cafe here in Dallas??? I've been so looking forward to it!!!!

The Outer Banks in NC. I can even put you in touch with friends of mine there- Stu works at a museum and his wife is opening an art gallery.

Key West!!! It is like sitting in a hot tub!!! Totally relaxing!

Can I tell you how beautiful the Northeast is in November??? Ok, I lie - it's cold enough to freeze yer teets off, but dammit, we want you next!

Colorado in October.

Domestically, San Francisco

INternationally, Venice, Italy

Wisconsin, of course.

uh, this is a no-brainer. Jacksonville, Florida!!! ok, maybe not.....

i was going to say to the shore...but on second thought maybe they could go to the gulf the the shore...and memorize what the wildlife looks like there...cause we are the ruin of it all...not a happy answer i know...but this is just a just being honest...if i could go there i certainly would...and i would spend day and night standing on the shore and scream my lungs out at bp and all of thoes who allowed this to happen...ok im done sorry...happy holiday all...gin.

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