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Saturday, May 29, 2010


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Shemar Moore or LL Cool J would definitely be at the top of my "plesantly" torturing lists...glad to hear the suggestions from others!

But person I'd actually LIKE to torture the most? Dick Cheney. I think I'd just make him sit in a room and listen to Dubya audiotapes all day long and dodge bullets from amateur hunters.

I'm with Susan. I sat and thought about this, trying to think who I hate that much and couldn't think of anyone! And then I knew -- every pedophile in existence. Stuff 'em all on an island, and give them daily pains they never imagined....

Without a doubt, Sarah Palin. Or perhaps John McCain, so I could personally "thank" him for unleashing Hurricane Sarah on America.

I'm with you Katy. Hubby was the #1 thing that sprang to mind.

Lindsay Lohan--I would lock her up with a common sense coach!

I like Nikki's idea except I'd substitute Rush Limbaugh for Beck. And I'd make sure the there was an ample supply of rags for RL's use as he gradually sank into blathering idiocy. But wait - he may already be there!

Good one- LL Cool J. Torture him slowly but completely ;)

Bad one- pedophiles (any and all) and remove them of their tools ;)

There wouldn't be enough room in that room for all the people I would like to lock in there! And leave them there! Permanently!

My first thought was along the line of Chicky's. :D Mmm, Brad Pitt. Since it's fantasy, it doesn't matter that he's married (essentially), right?

Good luck Bobbsey! They ARE out there. By the way, I wasn't looking when I found mine--he found me.

I like RBlues - except I don't have a Martin to do that with. Working on that, though! Love the phrase that you used "Broke, but not broken.." So true. so true.

Anyone who does anything to hurt or harm children.

Glenn Beck.

I guess being forced to watch an endless loop of Obama speeches, press conferences, photo ops, etc. should just about kill him.

still IS my husband......

ok, I admit it, my first thought was my own husband......

Well...I think ALL the pedophiles that I would lock in the room would not be able to walk out after 24 hours due to the *surgeries* I would perform. Heck, most of them wouldn't survive due to loss of blood....


I would put Sarah Palin sit in a room and make her diagram her own sentences! Word salad, anyone??

Dick Cheney....waterboarding anyone?

My ex....and I wojld just SHOW him the alcohol, he couldn't drink it LOLOLOLOL

Ronnie - you win!

The CEO of BP. I would have him sit in the room, with it slowly filling up with the crap that has washed up in the Wetland Marshes. I wouldn't let him drown, but maybe see if he could tread "water" for awhile.

I love the Shemar Moore idea Chicky! I was watching a Criminal Minds marathon last night. Love the flirty interplay between his character and Garcia.

I would have to say my ex-husband. I would torment him by making him watch videos of my current hubby treating me like a princess. Washing dishes, cleaning our bathroom, laundry, cooking for me, telling me he loves me EVERYTIME we talk on the phone and EVERYTIME one of us leaves--even if it's just to run to the store, telling me how beautiful I am (in his eyes), cuddling with and changing HIS (the ex's) grandbabies' diapers,
pampering me when I don't feel good, how he still holds my hand in public (after 12 years), scraping the snow and ice off the car for me, and how he would NEVER even consider raising his hand to me or any woman for that matter. We may be "broke" but I'm no longer broken--I feel like I won the Lottery when I met Martin.

Mine would be Susan Smith, and I would make her watch endless videos of women who can never have children and the grief and despair they feel.

I'll have to think about this one. Although I like Chicky's idea, only with Josh Holloway!

mine would be simon fuller...i would make him sit and watch an unending loop of this past seasons idol...let him feel what we all felt...maybe things would change afterwards...and bathroom breaks.ohhh im liking this game...gin.

OMG - ANYONE? I think it would be Shemar Moore (the hottest man on earth)...and I wouldn't call what I would do to him "tormenting" get the picture! (Phil and I have an agreement, my fantasy cheat is Shemar Moore, his is Heather Locklear)

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