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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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I'm glad you have enjoyed them!

I know this response is kinda late but I've been one of those people who have enjoyed your recaps from the shadows. Thank you Linda, for the laughs. :)

Crystal was amazing all season and after Siohbhan (spelling?) left was the only one with any originality I looked forward to seeing (like Adam last year). And she REALLY let out all the stops for the finale while Lee looked more nervous (and sang like it) than he had all year.

But - I'll look forward to hearing Crystal on Sirius "Coffee House" or the "Spectrum" soon....can't say the same for Lee (although he is a nice guy and not a terrible singer)

Wish they would change the texting vote rules but don't see that happening as long as ATT is major sponsor and gets $$$s from those votes! :)

It seems they bowed to the extreme criticism of the goopy, syrupy ballads that the winner usually has to sing, and let them choose a song they would cover.

I have a question. Weren't the top two supposed to get a song written for them? It seems to me they covered other artist's songs this year. I could be wrong. Anyone?

Thanks again for yet another season of entertainment, far exceeding the actual show. We've done this so many years now that all during the shows, I find myself smiling and wondering " what will Linda have to say about THAT?". I'm so glad I found this blog while "surfing" a few years back. It's my favorite guilty pleasure and look forward to checking in way too much! Hope you guys have a great summer!

Thank you Linda for a season of well thought out and hilarious recaps! No one can ever accuse you of "phoning it in". On top of that, you didn't have a whole lot to work with this season.

I have an idea for over the summer: Since we seem to have a whole lot of fun talking amongst ourselves, let's have a "question of the day" as a way to get to know each other even more. We share our huge milestones and reach out to each other when in need--I think it would be fun to share silly, little details about our personalities. Vegas Week will be really fun (we already know we need to wear skirts if Paul's around!).

So anyway, I'm thinking questions like "What's the funniest thing one of your kids (doggies and kittys included) have ever done?", "What's your favorite memory from high school?", "Who's on your 'free-pass list'", "Who was your first celebrity crush?" etc. Sounds like fun to me. Anyone else?

YOu know us too well! Carson and I hit the road tonight for a tournament!

I concur - thanks Linda - for taking time twice a week for 5 months to entertain US! You & your family are simply the BEST!

Have a safe, relaxing (yeah - knowing you - soccer filled LOL) Memorial weekend!


Linda...thanks for another season of insightful and amusing commentary...Idol would not be the same without you and the DGMS site.... I do check out other commentaries at DGMS during Idol season....have a great summer.....

Linda: Don't ever go away, because I don't know what I would do! One thing for sure that I hope we CAN do in the future, is our DGMS convention at Vegas! Got my tickets for Powerball, so if I win, we're all going to Vegas!! :-D))

My favorite part of the entire show was when Bret sang with Casey. I have been a Poison fan for 24 years and am so happy he was well enough to do that.
If you have ever seen him live, you know that he does love life. He has had a few close calls before the recent events, and every time he is on stage he lets it be known that that is where he is meant to be and he enjoys himself.
Now FOX is saying they think he was faking the entire hospitalization and injuries. Can they be any more of an asshat? I saw him on Leno earlier this week, and he is not at 100% yet. He probably did Idol because it was decided a while ago he would sing with Casey and he didn't want to let Casey down. He is just that kind of guy. He doesn't want to let anyone down. Now he is going back out on the road, and I for one wish he would just take some time off and get himself totally healthy instead of pushing himself too hard. His girls need him.

I thought Paula looked like someone who stole a teenagers prom dress....she looks great but the dress was totally age inappropriate. Also she clung to Simon like a slug....she even went up on the stage with him! It wasn't her moment and Kara looked none too happy about her making it all about herself! At one point I saw Kara trying to get Paula off Simon's lap and into a chair but Paula was having none of it. She was back where she wanted to be and she wasn't going to lose the spotlight.

Crystal has Diabetes. That will cause your teeth to look like that. I know first hand. Kinda rude to imply she does meth.
Thank you Linda. A wonderful final wrap up of a truly crappy season. I'm not sure about the next season, but at least I know where to go to be truly entertained. Thank you. Of course I'll be here for all the other thoughts and debates.
Oh yea, Crystal got screwed.

Linda, I just finished the whole recap. A herculean effort on your part! Your recaps this year outshone the show every week. You ought to be on their payroll. I thank you for the weekly doses of pure entertainment.

Doesn't AI retain the rights for the top 2? Doesn't that mean Crystal has to sign with them? If so, don't they have input on what she does? Mightn't she end up with a crap pop record like so many non-pop winners and runners up?

I am sorry she did not win, if she is going to get stuck with them anyway she would be in line for more money as the winner.

Next year should be interesting with the new simon and all... but will it be more interesting than Linda's recraps? Doubtful!!

Josie, I wasn't sure if you were saying that you thought that or if you were saying that others did, so please, no offense. Very cool she's got donated work offered. If I recall correctly, Eliot Yamin had work donated to him, as well. Probably the best advertising a cosmetic dentist could get.

I never said Crystal was a meth user - many, many bloggers were talking about it though - I brought it up, because I do think it was a factor in her losing votes from some people. Crystal was offered free dental work:

I just want to say Thank You Linda!! As always you rocked it. Thanks for taking your time to entertain us. I will be here for the long haul.

As I was doing hill repeats on a 6.5-miler this morning, I listened to Kris Allen's "Heartless" over and over. Such a good one!

Josie, I think it’s a stretch to instantly equate Crystal’s teeth with meth use (and I agree with Shawn in Lakewood and Mike Burns). I’ve seen pictures of what meth use can do to teeth, and it’s not pretty. Not to mention meth use is extremely debilitating, even over long periods of non-use. It’s amazing all the pretty smiles out there, but they almost always come with a heavy price (veneers, braces, whitening, dental implants, caps, etc.), something I didn’t get the idea from all of the montages that her family could afford. I wonder if she has adontia, a condition where one or more permanent teeth fail to form and which only a bridge or implants can correct. I hope she uses her winnings to get the teeth I’ll bet she always wanted.

All this talk of teeth made me realize that although Crystal seemed painfully embarrassed by her teeth at the beginning of the season, once she let go and became more comfortable in front of the camera, I’ve found that she really has one of the most radiant and contagious smiles of all of the contestants.

Back to the results...I was not happy that Lee won, although I was happy for him. The best part of the whole awards show and pretty much the whole season was reading Linda’s recaps, so thank you, Linda! Youdabest!

Check out this video and see if you can spot the blithering, nonsensical, crack-head ex-AI judge. LOL!!!! And is it just me or does she look like she's about 12 years old?????

From what I read (I didn't watch the finale and I haven't been watching Idol this year) Cookie was not there because he was at a previously scheduled charity event in Kansas City, and Adam wasn't there because he was on vocal rest.

Lori, thanks for posting that link about Crystal and her boyfriend. I noticed that he wasn't there on Tuesday night and mentioned it to my husband. Now I know why.

Linda, thanks again for another great year of AI recraps - what would we do without you to drag the humor out of the show?!

I'm such a crybaby - I cried during Simon's goodbye on stage. I thought it was one of the most real moments we've seen of Mr. Cowell. And wasn't it cute when he said he was glad to see "this little one" (Paula)?!

Katy, yep Jax as in Jacksonville, FL! :)

Okay, just one more comment on last night from me....we were watching Crystal and Lee's faces when they got the Ford Fiesta's - my husband looked at me and said, "haven't they been pimping Ford for the better part of the year?" I said, "yes", he said, "the least those cheapskates over at Ford could have done was given them a top of the line car like a Mustang or a Ford 4x4, not the cheapest car they sell". I had to agree. They got millions of dollars of free advertising from kids that will eventually become stars, and all they can pony up is their cheapest (read crappiest) model of car? WTF is up with that?

Its a shame Crystal and her boyfriend broke up, but at least he was honest and did the right thing. Had he stayed with her, then he would have felt neglected and ending up cheating and would have been a big ole mess. He gave it a shot, couldn't handle the lifestyle and now she's free to do her thing without him

A dreary end to a boring season. They lost me as a viewer a long way back. I think they need to go back to the original format and pick singers for talent, not to which demographic they will appeal to.

Whoa! Glad my kid wasn't in the room to see that Christina video! She has such an awesome voice. WHY does she think she needs to stoop to that GaGa freak-show porn? Yes, she's gorgeous and sexy and knows how to move, but she can be just as alluring while leaving a LOT more to the imagination. I know I'm a prude, but geez... whatever happened to class?

People do like to start some shit, don't they?

Suddenly Crystal is a meth addict? I get that not everyone may appreciate her unique style sense or think that the fact that she has a child and not a husband should automatically disqualify her from representing "America", or dislike her singing voice and I know that bearing false witness, far from being a horrible sin, is considered a national pastime but really now. That is just too much. I've seen the effects of meth addiction on teeth first hand and Crystal's would be considered pearly white in comparison. Elliot Yamin's teeth were even more messed up and people thought he was adorable.

So now girls have to be pageant ready and the boys walking sex gods before they can even consider applying for a singing contest? Ridiculous.

A sidebar: apparently Crystal's boyfriend couldn't handle being in the spotlight and broke up with her before Tuesday's performance.

Has your daughter ever seen the movie Tommy Boy? That line is in there..Tommy Boy's frat brothers see him on TV and one comments about his weight and another says "they say the camera adds 10 lbs" and the other guy replies..."how many cameras are on him?" LOL

When Kelly Clarkson came on stage, my 12 year old says "wow, Mom, Kelly looks like she's put on weight!" I reply "Well, they say the camera adds 10 pounds." Her response: "Jeez... how many cameras are on her??"

I never know what's coming out of that girl's mouth next



Thanks for the info on Orianthi (the hot chick!) - can't watch at work, but I will most DEFINITELY check it out from home!!

p.s. Sorry about my misspelling Alanis' first name...and I even have her CD! :-)

i like the idea earlier about harry connick jr. He was the highlight of the season i thought. that'd be great if he was a judge; but can he bring himself that low??

i knew lee would win. he's more mainstream than crystal. But i like C and hope to hear more from her. I liked Lee too; he was my favorite guy from the beginning. i hope she's not too disappointed.

I almost wonder if this should be a MONEY competition rather than a contract. maybe it would bring out different types of people.

and do you think they make that much money from getting a contract?? anyone know?

Good luck to both L and thanks linda for a great season. i look forward to you every year!

When Christina first came on the scene with Genie in a Bottle she was a young beautiful gorl woth an amazing voice. Wekk it's about 10 years later and the voice is still amazing but WTF is going on with the look.
Congratulations to Lee even though Chrystal was clearly the better singer.

Love the recap. I didn't watch the show last night tho it is still on my DVR and I can watch later...tho not sure why I'd want to other than to see the montage for Simon.

Highly doubt that Crystal has bad teeth due to crystal meth use. Yes it does mess up your teeth...but so does heredity (my parents both had false teeth before they turned 30 and I inherited the crappy teeth...soft enamel)...My teeth are not white and pretty either despite brushing and going to the dentist regularly. I get that people are shallow and will not like Crystal because she doesn't have pearly whites...but that is a shame.

Here I am girl! Haven't commented yet - cause I have been reading every new post by Linda!

Great to see you back!! And 50 is NOT old! I turn 44 this year & I can still rock with the best of them! My 6 year old daughter got into the car with me the other day - I started it up & the CD player came on LOUD - she says "Dang mom, were you rocking out?" Heck Yeah - Heart - Magic Man - gotta CRANK that one UP!! =)

one silver lining... at least success hasn't changed william hung...

Is it hot in here? That my dear, was a crossover from soft porn. Dang, I can't even see that much on Cinemax. Clarification of why I don't encourage my child to watch music videos.

That Christina video -- WTF was that????????

Orianthi is opening for Adam Lambert when I go see him in Columbus next month. I had never really listened to her until last night, and now I can't wait to see her.

My Bad! Yeah I meant Joe Perry - as the NUMBER ONE FAN OF ALL TIME OF AEROSMITH, I can't believe I made that mistake - I am blushing in SHAME...Aerosmith is playing at the NY State Fair in August, my husband and I are actually camping out there tomorrow night to get tickets - and by God, we are NOT 17 anymore!

I know the group Chicago is legendary but wow, that performance was cringeworthy. Someone up there was having some serious "Peter Brady Moments" and poor Lee had this look on his face like, "WTF is happening here? Casey gets Brett, Crystal gets Alannis, I got this Hot Mess?". It was hilarious! JMHO!

Betty and I thought that Barry Gibb must have seen the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers, and then Linda mentions Kennyrogersburtreynoldseyesitus when referring to David Hasselhoff -- did anyone else notice that Barry Gibb's face goes about three inches further toward the back of his head than it used to? It's like they took all the saggy skin on his head and pulled it to the back and put a scrunchy around it so his face would stay tight. Man, that was disturbing...

Holly and Josie....I am so with you both! The judges are there to give their opinion and then AMERICA VOTES FOR THEIR FAVORITE!!! The average voter doesn't really know if someone is "pitchy" or whatever....they just vote for what they like and what they would buy. I think everyone can agree that both Lee and Crystal were likeable. I just wish everyone would remember that if this was only about musical talent, America shouldn't get to vote, and only those qualified because they know and understand music should vote. Since it isn't that way, can everyone just agree that America's favorite won? BTW, I am far from a "tween" and I have voted every week!!

One more thought....Simon commented in his interview that "you have to know when to leave a party". IMHO I think he is "getting out of Dodge" before AI dissolves. I hope it stays around a while, but I don't think Simon would leave a good thing at all. He's getting out while he can with his head held high. I wish him the best and will most definitely miss his presence on the show.

One more thing. Linda all of your work on this blog is very appreciated and such fun!! Thanks for all you do!

Janet was great! Sounded and looked great. Carrie Underwood should take some lessons from Miss Jackson. Carrie is a good singer, but she always moves around stage like she just rode a horse from NY to LA. And those leather pants did her no favors.

I have to agree with what so many have already said -- the judges harp all year to the contestants about being "contemporary" and "current", then they drag out these old people for the finale. My kids are pretty well-rounded musically (we do watch Glee, after all!), but they had no idea who Alice Cooper was (although I'm pretty sure that's not his real name, lol -- I miss Monk!); and tho I loved Hall & Oats back in the day, I thought they sounded awful last night. Joe Cocker should never perform live, the man always looks constipated, and I agree that Brett Michaels should be home in bed! Love-love-love him, but for crying out loud -- he has been at death's door several times in the last few weeks!

I wasn't surprised in the least that Lee won. Not my particular cup of tea, but my girls love him. Crystal will be fine, even without the AI machine backing her up.

All in all, this season has been a snooze-fest. Thank you, Linda for your recaps which pointed out the few-and-far-between highlights this year!

Has anyone heard anything about Simon's replacement for next year? A woman I work with just told me she heard Howard Stern was being condsidered?!?!?

Holly - My daughter said, "jees, she looks and sounds like Michael Jackson." She's almost 12, I'll let it slide, LOL.

FYI...the finale didn't run over. It was actually scheduled from 8:00-10:07. (Although I'm SURE there were 7 minutes that could have been eliminated to keep it to just 2 hours! (i.e. Dane Cook) And oh yeah, Janet Jackson is still awesome. But didn't she sound eerily like Michael at times?

I can say that my almost 12yo daughter texted VOTE for Lee 16 times. Which happened to be the only votes our house contributed this season. I can't say AI was a must watch for our family this season (I'm a huge fan of Lost so it won out of AI, gonna miss that show). I think Crystal was the best singer by far on Tuesday but Lee had the momentum going into the show so the votes were already there.
As for the finale itself, I'm so disappointed that David Cook couldn't be there. That would have made all the idols returning even more special. But duty calls and he'll be around again another season, I'm sure. I know a lot of you don't have the same opinion about Kris Allen that I do but I just love to watch that boy sing. His whole body moves and you can tell he enjoys the entire feeling that he gets when he sings. I could have done without Alice Cooper (and I like him) and Joe Cocker (my girl thought he was funny). The BeeGees, I love to listen but to watch? Not so much. Even Michael McDonald was a little rough and Chicago - HUH? Why on God's green earth did they pick them to sing with Lee? I know he's from Chicago but jeesh those guys are too old for him to be paired up with for a solo. The best by far was Crystal with Alanis, how much fun that had to have been for Crystal! They really rocked it out. I enjoyed seeing Bret Michaels sing with Casey even though I've never been a fan of Poison or the song. It was good to see him up there, you can tell it makes him happy. Christina was amazing as always and Miss Jackson, she's just too cool. Carrie Underwood is so awesome but sometimes I wish she would just hold the mic and not move her fingers so much.
This was the only Idol show this season that my husband actually stuck it out through the entire show. And I know it was the oldies that made that happen, so for that I am happy.
On a final note, Paula really, really, really needs to take some classes in public speaking. Yikes!

Kathy, Did you mean Joe Perry from Aerosmith? Steve Perry is the lead singer of Journey

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