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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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If there was a vote, I'd vote for you taking Simon's place, Linda! Your recaps were all that made the season fun for me this year. Thanks!

Bummer...can't log into the chat room because there is a limit of 10 non-premium users. I guess I can wait til the show is on...patience is not a strong suit of mine.

I think Lee was sandbagging! No vibrato,not connecting with the words like he usually does...just going thru the motions. And then his comment at the end-he knows that whatever happens he'll still be making music. I feel he doesn't want to be the winner, an AI pawn.

Just my opinion and I'm buying both of their albums!!

Crystal blew Lee off the stage last night - that girl was awesome. I teared up too on her last song, just knowing how amazing that moment must have been for her and her friends and family. I really like Lee a lot, and I think he will go far, but Crystal owned it last night.

Linda, thank you so much for all the seasons of enjoyment you have given me with your AI recraps! You are one talented lady!

I wonder if we will see the "Pants on the Ground" guy tonight?!

What was the deal with Ryan last night about the handshake. Lee held out his hand to shake Ryan's hand (which had a microphone in it) but instead of swapping hands with the microphone, he gave Lee a left handed handshake. Looked very weird and awkward on camera.

I loved Crystal last night. I've been Team Crystal all season long. Lee? Not so much. Sadly for him, his nerves and bad arrangements overshadowed what everyone liked about him. DialIdol shows Lee as winning it, but their own commentary makes it clear today that it could very well go either way. Margin of Error is that crucial to their call. I want Crystal to win, but hell she already did in so many ways. She's going to have a career and 19 would be really foolish NOT to sign her. Okay one more night of cheese and 10 minutes of real nailbiting suspense and it ends until January. Linda, the recaps brought me here. The rest of the blog keeps me here. Thanks so much for putting this out here for all of us who read, believe me, it IS appreciated!

Lee has a nice voice but lacks something. There is nothing particularly interesting about him or his singing. If he wins, he is another Kris Allen. Whom I don't think we have heard much from lately... whereas Adam is everywhere. I thought Crystal definitely outshone him last night.

But honestly, it can go either way.

Does that mean I get to be ChickyPimp? (like Denise is KittyPimp)

You make a wonderful pimp. :O)

The winner tours with the top 10 through out the tour. After that I think the winner is contractually obligated to record for AI for one or two years, while the rest are more or less free agents. Any one of these kids who really wants it can pursue a singing career but, as with Allison Iraheta from last season, it's not always easy -- her debut album has only sold 97,000 copies, and she was compared to Kelly Clarkson, arguably the most successful Idol ever. So I wish both Lee and Crystal luck, but I don't think Crystal needs as much luck with her talent and poise. She is born to sing and perform...

The winner definitely goes on the tour. They usually sing in the order in which they were eliminated, so she would be the big draw. I would love to see her perform live, do her own songs, feel the energy she creates!

Gayle is right - Crystal IS in another Ballpark - she was beautiful and crystal clear last night - and song 3 brought me to tears as well - you could feel the emotion oozing out of her even on television. My biggest complaint with Lee is that the music and the backup singers always seemed to drown him out - I do love the raspy quality to his voice, but it was hard to hear it because of the "others" singing/playing.

Just a little reminder for those of you who will leave DGMS tomorrow and come back next season - Linda does this wonderful recrapping all on her own time and doesn't get paid a cent for it (no annoying advertising or pop-ups) - so if you have any spare change in your pocket or bank account,I know how grateful she is for the tip...and no she didn't ask me to do this, but I am a regular who sticks around after the last Idol has sung - and I know how much time and effort she puts into making this as entertaining as possible for all of leave a tip, won't you? There is a link at the top of the page right under Linda's photo!

See you next season!

I don't think it matters who wins tonight, both will do well, but Crystal is by far the best I've ever seen, and as stated earlier, would buy her CD(s). I'm glad you said that Linda, because I thought it was just me, but I cried through every one of Crystal's songs last night.
Does she, well, assuming she's the winner tonight, still tour with the "Top Ten" group, or does the winner do something else?

Hands down. Crystal for the win. I still think Lee WILL win, but, she's the ONLY contestant that has moved me emotionally at all.

If Crystal doesn't win this, it is time to remove texting priveleges for voting. She clearly won the night. If Lee takes it, that is solid proof that girls can't win the competition anymore the way the voting is currently structured.

It's been Crystal clear for me from the start--Crystal is amazing and I will definitely buy her music. However, I'm afraid that with the tweeners votes, Lee will win. Her last song last night was simply amazing!

I picked Lee after there were 24 left standing. I just knew he would make it all the way and win. After last night, I know I'm wrong. Crystal should be the winner.

While watching the show, I was blown away by Crystal's voice each and every time, and definitely underimpressed with Lee's voice. I think he has a lot of talent and will do well with the right music, but I didn't think that any of the three songs suited his voice last night. He has a tendency to come across as yelling because his voice doesn't have a lot of variation or inflection in it like Crystal does, and a song like "Everybody Hurts" really needs that emotional one-two that Crystal has more ability to deliver. I think Crystal deserves the win, ab-so-lute-ly, but am just genuinely happy for both of them and their Cinderella stories.

I probably wouldn't mind getting my paint cans shaken by Lee. LOL :o)

Well, I wish I had seen the whole show. A storm blew into Iowa right when IDOL started, and that zapped my satalite. But I did see the final songs of each, and the recap at the end. And with that little amount of viewing and listening, it's obvious to me who should win: Crystal. Ive been a fan of hers since Hollywood week, and she's not only in another league then Lee, she's in another ballpark!

Thanks for the recrap, Linda! Im gonna miss them til January!

I have loved Crystal from the beginning, and last night confirmed that hers is the first CD I will buy created by an Idol contestant.

The last song made me cry, and I'm a grizzled 58-year old guy.

Crystal seemed WAY more relaxed than Lee last night. She seemed in her element and I thought she rocked it and LOVED LOVED LOVED that last song.

Oh and Crystal's joke about being "beside" Ryan, and the follow up about it not being comedy night (or something like that) - - I thought it was funny and chuckled. Guess you have to be from Ohio to get that humor?


Actually they WERE at the Kodak and now are at the NOKIA, which is bigger.

Chrystal is the first contestant ever (FOR ME) that I would buy her CD. If her style is the blue-sy music we've been hearing from her, I LOVE IT!
Yeah, it did seem like Lee just didn't give it his all last night. And he had a great song to sing too, with "Everybody Hurts" - - just didn't do it.

Another thrilled Crystal fan!!! What a night she had. Such an authentic artist, which is what I love most about her.

Bowersox ROCKS! Crystal was awesome last night, and Simon was still pimping Lee. I don't get it. Lee is a nice guy, and has definitely grown over the length of the show, but he can't touch Crystal's talent.

Also got to admit not the best typist, so I should proof my posts I guess, what I was trying to say was common thread. I hav not heard anything abou who is performing tonight (most admit I might have FF thru it) does anyone know.

Got to agree with the common hread so far Crystal owned the Kodak theater last night. I also think that Jen could be right as well. I hope not.

Okay, last night reconfirmed my belief that Crystal Bowersox is in another league when it comes to this season on American Idol. She blew Lee away on every level; she's the real deal and I personally can't wait until her album comes out. I'm officially a FAN!

i know some moms and daughters who think lee is SO CUTE. well -- he is kinda charming in a scruffy way. Crystal is a better singer though; and she was by far the best last night.

however, i think lee will win because there's lots of girls voting for him. Crystal doesnt quite have the cuteness factor. I like both kids; but i'll be buying crystal's music.

Always been a Crystal fan but Lee became a favorite in the last few weeks. However, Crystal BLEW HIM AWAY last night...she was fantastic. The weaknesses in Lee's voice were too apparent on each song he sang. He can probably still have a career but needs some coaching...Crystal is ready right now.

Regardless of the actual outcome, Crystal owned it tonight! That last song gave me chills and brought me to tears. Love her, love HER, LOVE HER!!!

Thanks Linda! That's a light at the end of the tunnel... ;-)

I have enjoyed all the recaps. It has made the season much more bearable. I have been reading these for a couple of years now and they get better each year. Right priority too (behind soccer and theater).

I voted for only the second time since the first Idol. Crystal's last song was fantastic! She owned the place all night and filled the place with talent.

Lee was in awe of the moment. He wasn't as emotionally invested. He wasn't giving as much, he was trying to take it in... can't perform and be part of the audience too. Lee may win based on the momentum he has, accumulating the votes from the other guys and unabashed pimping from the judges, but Crystal deserves it. I would buy her song tomorrow because she gave a genuine idol performance.

I voted for Crystal 5 or 10 times on every commercial break from Glee. She NAILED!!!! it!!!!!

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