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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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I like both Crystal and Lee. Admittedly, I thought in the beginning that Crystal was the only one who had a chance, but Lee has really come a long way! I look forward to tonight's performances and hearing their new music in the fall.

If I was their mother, I would be beside myself right now!

It will sound cliche, but they've both already won, as well as many in the top ten, and even the young lady (Angela Martin? Was that her name?) who didn't make the top 24, who nevertheless got a recording contract courtesy of Ellen. I've heard some flack about Ellen not being very good, but I always have looked forward to her comments -- "As a matter of fact, I have loved a woman"-- priceless. So, good luck Crystal and Lee, but you've already secured your future. Go get it.

They were both on Ellen yesterday - I like that for the first time, they both seem to genuinely like the other one and wish each other well. They are nice people who both deserve the title (but I still think it will go to Crystal) Good luck to both of them!

I know that there has been a lot of talk about this being a sub-par season, and I agree, to a degree, that much of the Top 10 wasn't sterling. However, I will hold Lee and Crystal up against any other Top Two in Idol history. I think they're real, sincere, authentic people who are both greatly talented. I've been in Crystal's camp since Hollywood, but I won't be unhappy at all if Lee wins it all tonight. I think they're both deserving, talented people with the potential to be recording artists. I think we did a good job of sorting the wheat from the chaff to come up with these two!

Good luck and best wishes to both Crystal and Lee. Either one could win it, and I wish them both well.

There was an indepth article in the local ( FT Worth) paper on Casey this morning. He is unbelievably nice and so gratefull for everything that has happened to him as a result of the show. No hard feelings, no regrets. I was very impressed.

I hope both of them are allowed the time to give us a couple full-length songs; not just the 60-second snippets they usually have to try to sell. I wish AI would put the focus back on the contestants' performances, and not on the commercials and other money-making drivel.

I always think of things like that too! Such a big night ahead for them. Imagine being their parents--I'd be so nervous, I'd be sick.

Linda, I agree. This year I don't care which of them win as I believe both of their lives have already changed forever.

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