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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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This whole immigration thing just hurts my brain. Citizenship is covered in the main body of the constitution, the 14th amendment(put there after the civil war to grant citizenship denied by case law to the former slaves) and a whole myriad of case law done since then. Immigration attys make big money handling this for people with the means to spend money to get right to work or citizenship. Illegals tend not to have that money. I know my folks had an attorney when they went through the gauntlet back in the early 60s to get their citizenship. Thing is if the law were changed to the way Jacquelynn worded it in her entry, I'd have had to go through the naturalisation process as a child, even though I was born here as were all of my sibs. Our parents didn't get citizenship until AFTER the youngest of us was born. I don't have an issue denying citizenship to the children born of undocumented or illegal aliens, I would have an issue with children denied of parents who are on a track to citizenship.

Here's the illegal immigrant solution -- Worker cards. Apply for a card, get a card, immediately start paying taxes, stay here with your anchor babies. Then two choices: appy for and stand in line for citizenship -- or, work here 15 years, learn English, take the citizenship test. Now for the anchor babies -- change the law -- babies born in the USA are citizens ONLY if one or both parents are already citizens. Tada!!! Problem solved.

@Eileen, I have to agree that it would be the result if we actually DID deport the parents. A lot of them manage to stay here precisely because they gave birth to an American citizen. And it isn't just teh folks who crossed over from Mexico, I have a cousin who got her green card precisely in that manner. She came over from Ireland pregnant, gave birth here, and when the amnesty started she got her card. That's what fries me about the whole illegal thing, most of us in the Southwest think of Mexico and South America as being where the illegals come from, but I know from personal experience they come from other places too. And it burns me up that when I did work for the welfare system we HAD to cover them after the fact, and we had to cover their kids too. We also had to certify every member of the house hold who was legal for food stamps also. I got so burned out and wondered if I'd ever feel compassion again after working that job for 3yrs. I do feel for them, but coming over here w/out the documentation IS illegal, and it hurts people who ARE trying to do it by the numbers. I haven't spoken to that Irish cousin of mine in yrs because I was out and out disgusted with her behavior. My parents jumped through all the hoops to come over legally. She didn't.

On the surface, this is a ridiculous answer as the kids are legal citizens, but, in reality isn't that the end result anyway? How can you deport the parents and leave the kids here? Who is going to take care of them? Maybe I'm just not understanding this...sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. Of course, I'm not talking about children who are not minors and who can fully support themselves.

Excuse me? There just isn't enough WTF to go around on that one. Penalising the children for the parent's illegal behavior is wrong. However, I live in TX and I know some people give birth here in the hope that because their minor child is a US citizen, they will not be deported. What used to kill me and this was a good while ago, was working the medicaid cases on the illegal who gave birth so the hospitals would get paid and the babies would get medical coverage. We covered them AFTER the fact in TX(this was back in the early 90's, can't say if they do now or not). We couldn't turn them into INS and we covered the babies. Big kicker? I worked in a very Republican county, very big on law and order and the illegals there tended to work on the ranches in the area, all of whom probably never saw a tax cut they didn't like, bitched about the people they saw at the grocery stores using food stamps and swore up and down they'd make no money at all if they hired someone who had right to work in the US. Hypocrites in other words.

So sad.

This whole illegal immigration crap lately is pissing me off.

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