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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Crystal and Lee, is THE CORRECT order.. and Mama Sox is your AI!! duhhhhhhh

I agree that the results shows are way too long. There is no reason why they can't do this show in a half hour! I fell asleep Wednesday during all the fluff they filled the show with, and missed the actual elimination. I had to ask a co-worker the next morning who got eliminated. It's just ridiculous! And I was also not happy that Siobhan was eliminated before Big Mike or Aaron! I think her screaming did her in. It's too bad. Simon warned her ....

Siobhan's tattoo has always bugged me...black and blobby...not artistic or feminine at all, but I figured it had some sentimental meaning to her. For a girl that adores her little sisters, it is really disturbing that she would have an illustration from a book about the untimely and violent death of children permanently inked on her arm. Do you suppose she reads this macabre stuff to her dear little siblings? Just weird.... In her Dad's words from the other night "You have no idea how peculiar she really is."

Thank you all so much for the enlightenment on that dang tattoo. It was really driving me bonkers.

Ordinarily, I would hear the news of Harry Connick, Jr and Frank Sinatra songs and clap my hands excitedly. This season...not so much.

Linda----one of your funniest ever.....Where DO you get the ideas?
The recaps are better-much better than the shows.......

Thanks for the brill recrap Lindaloo - better than the show itself IMO. Glad to see Siobhan go too - liked her voice, just couldn't stand the facial expressions and the lipity-goo-ga. Her clothes made me laugh every week - I know she is considered "edgy", but to me, it was just goofy. Next week Sinatra - oy!

Found this when I googled her tatoo. Inked on Magnus' right shoulder is an image from the cover of Gorey's legendary book "The Gashlycrumb Tinies."

I liked Siobhan. I know she wasn't to everyone's taste and I didn't care for the screaming, but her quieter performances were amazing. I think given a bit of time and seasoning she can do something commercial. I will also admit this is one of the dullest AI seasons ever. It really DOES feel like they scraped bottom with some of the talent up on that stage this yr. And yeah, it's been hard ever since the last elimination of the top 24 to really get enthused here.

Taylor Hicks is appearing as Teen Angel in a touring production of "Grease." A friend of mine saw it and said it was a dreadful production and Taylor can't act. At the end of the curtain call, he told the audience to meet him in the lobby, where he would be sitting at a table selling his CDs.

"Priscilla Presley "two pissholes in the snow" eye make-up"

LOL'ed on that one Linda!!

I love Edward Gorey. One of my favorite children's books growing up had his illustrations. Doesn't surprise me a bit that Siobhan would be into him.

Paul -

Taylor is "Teen Angel" in broadways Grease. Not a bad gig, but no where near the stardom of Kelly, Carrie or Adam!

Better question - Kris Allen do much other than a car commercial lately?

Her tattoo is the work of Edward Gorey. Here is some info. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlVwTK2thkQ&feature=player_embedded

LOL!!! Ke$ha and John Tesh. That had me laughing out loud. Great recap, thanks for the giggles.

I found myself flipping around the channels waiting for the final cut - what a boring show...

Numbers wise this could play badly for Crystal. With Siobhan out so early, the percentages could make it difficult for Crystal to take the win. It's Crystal and four guys so assuming that Siobhan's voters hop to Crystal, it means that with each "guy" elimination the other guys left in the competition could gain a larger voter advantage over time - especially when it is down to three.

It's not an exact science, but once it hits the final four, you can begin to predict who is going to win by who is voted out.

I was wondering the same thing as Joe - why didn't we get to hear Shania sing? I would have preferred that to most of what was on last night. I FF'd through almost all of it.

Siobhan is an original. She'll find her rightful place on her own. Her tatoo looks like a tall man in a trenchcoat with an umbrella and packages or something at his feet. Don't know what it is in reference to though.

the tatoo--- possibly the Morton salt girl

I had to re-read the re-cap to realize that you said "America has decided it prefers his shiny hair and pecs to weekly viewings of your uvula" and not "vulva" (which tells you where my mind lives most of the time -- camel-toe conversation anyone? ) Also, loved the line about Casey wearing whatever he picked up off the floor this morning. Great recap as always, Linda. Gonna miss Siobhan, but as everyone agrees, she'll be all right. This probably isn't her best vehicle anyway, and now that she's on the national radar she'll find a way to stay there. Talent always wins out (well, almost -- anyone know what happened to Taylor Hicks?)

Thanks Linda for another solid season of recaps of a shaky show. I'm checking out for the year with this elimination.

Lately, the only thing about Siobhan that has held my interest is the tattoo on her right shoulder. I mentioned it in an earlier post, but does anybody have any ideas on what the heck that is. It looks like Mary Poppins to me.

Linda, brilliant recap of a dull results too-long-to-hold-the-attention-of-even-the-most-dedicated-watcher show.

The bit about your cat banging the can on the floor - PRICELESS!

I was curios, so far this year any one who mentored performed on results nite so why didnt Shania perform. I was looking forward to it. I was sad to see Siobonhn go I hink that Mike, or Casey should have gone. They are both one trick ponies. As for Crystal she had an off nite but was still way ahead of the others.

Siobhan needs to develop some substance and rein in her "style" a lot. If I wasn't so distracted by whatever the hell she was wearing, I was a-sceered of what torture she was going to inflict on her song of the night. The screeching works as a cri de coeur once in awhile. You go down that road EVERY SINGLE TIME, you start sounding like a kid with a new toy who knows she's going to get a reaction every time she hauls it out and that becomes her only reason for playing with it.

Glad she's gone.

Oh, and I loved the VoMercial! The whole twilight vibe was cool & they all looked great "DEAD"!! LOL

Casey & Lee - man they made very HOT vampires!

Glad Siobahn went - I was sooo tired of her screaming in every song - I agreed with Simon - she did sound like she was in labor!

I dont have the interest this year either - no one has that SPARK. Its like the year Jordan Sparks & Blake Lewis were final two - very MEH!

And waaaay to much filler - but I did like Lady Antebellum! LOVE that song!

And Antonio may be getting older - but he still is yummy!

I found it interesting that they did that little bit on vampires. I have referred to Siobhan as the "vampire" since seeing her in these final shows, one, because I could never pronounce her name and two, she had those long canines. Didn't need much make-up for her part in the commercial...

Antonio didn't look as good as he used to, to me. Just getting old I guess... He and Cameron looked really uncomfortable on stage.

She can hit the high notes and is really talented... however she has no control over her lower register. I think she could benefit from voice lessons to help her with this. She has got something special, however, I did feel it was her time to go.

Man - I need to stop coming here before I watch my DVR. :(

I never cared for Siobhan - toodles.

And Adam Lambert...my personal favorite.

Is Siobhan talented? Undoubtedly. Was she going to win? Never. I think Mike or Aaron should have gone home before Siobhan, but not to worry -- just look at Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, John Peter Lewis, Bucky, Bo, etc. You don't have to win to have an amazing career.
Oh, yeah, forgot Clay...

It was Siobhan's time...

I just hope that she realizes if she wants to go commercial, she must listen first, sing second. Style is not self-indulgence and you have to earn diva status.

Her 'out there' fashion is definitely rooted in a stubborn rebel 'tude. It was great to see her go back to her family instead of respond to Ryan's drivel. She is a complex (and interesting) person.

Broadway may be the best move for her...

oh, and lose the nose ring; it really is gilding the lily.

I was out last night and couldn't see the results show. I just watched it on my DVR and am so glad I didn't sit through that bloated waste of time. An hour full of promos, ads and bands and singers all pushing their own projects....yuck!
I did feel badly for Siobhan. I hated that Ryan walked her towards the couches, which he's done with other "saved" contestants, only to then let her know she was in the bottom 3. She sang great last night and with more confidence than I've seen lately. I'll miss her quirkiness and sweet personality.
And what was up with Casey being in the bottom 2? Go back and watch their performances again and you'll see that Lee, who I do like, was way off pitch through his whole song, Mike was boring as usual, Crystal was just okay. Casey was the best of the night. I don't get it.
The biggest revelation for me is that watching AI was a weekly ritual for my daughter and me and our guilty pleasure. She has barely watched a full show since tha top 10. She says she just doesn't care about this group. Gotta admit that I feel the same way at this point. Too bad. :(

I'm not sad to see Siobhan go - she has a nice voice, but her singing style was more Broadway than AI.

Hopefully little Aaron will be the next to hit the road (although based on last night's bottom 3, I probably won't get my wish).

I hated to see Siobhan go home. Yes, she was a trainwreck sometimes and yes, her high notes were a bit screechy at times. HOWEVER - she injected some much-needed life into this season.

She's been called the Adam Lambert of this season, and I agree. She is nowhere near as talented as he is, but every week it was a real treat to see what she was going to do and wear. She was the "hot pink" in a show full of beige.

I'll miss her presence.

The previous comment from Jackie is not "Jackie in GA". I am delighted to know I won't have to endure her screeching at me again.

I don't recall the final singer of the night ever getting cut. In fact it always seemed to be an unfair advantage.

Next week's show will be way more boring without Siobhan! Ridiculous!

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