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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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as usual, your recap was more fun than watching the show. to me all the contestants did a good job but i have to give the biggest kudos to shania's mentoring skills. she knew exactly how to steer the contestants so their performance would please the crowd and the judges. don't know her music (i know - gasp!) but now i'm a fan.

When watch and listen to Aaron sing, I can totally see him in ten years ripping up the country charts, and it'll be ten years' worth of much-needed life experience. As for the potential of his performance style, at least he's got one more move than Carrie Underwood had. :-)

Although I don't have a three-legged dog, I *do* have a three-legged cat! Love your AI summaries . . .

I want to scream right back at Sioghan to STFU! And is that a tattoo of Mary Poppins on her right shoulder. At least it gave me something to ponder and keep trying to focus in on so I could partially tune her out.

Obviously a night with no single bad performance. It caught me by surprise. I don't know who runs the sound board, but whoever it is should have cranked up the volume on Crystal's mike. Her backup became her forefront. As for Siobhan, I agreed with Kara--It's good to have her back, scream and all. I got sick of her trying to please the judges by being someone she is not.

I think one of the guys will go. Crystal has momentum and Siobhan now has the backing of the Website That Shall Not Be Named. Thanks for the recrap. Yours is the best.

I too thought the guys were outstanding, and I haven't been fans of any of them other than Lee thus far. I even liked Aaron this time and thought it was soooo sweet when he got a little teary after saying the song was to his mom.

On a Glee note, I could NOT stop singing "One Less Bell to Answer" after last night's show. The duet between the teacher and Cristin Chenowyth (sp?) was AMAZING. It's going on my Ipod for sure.

....buy Siobhan something for her lips that more closely resembles Chap Stick and not K-Y Jelly.

OMG - I was thinking the same thing! I seriously cannot stand her anymore - her screamching in every song & her KY Lips gotta go!

Best recrap line? " Yes, Crystal, because nothing says "man-up" more than being outed as an emotional p*ssy on national TV." Bwahahahaha Linda - you made me roll backwards in my chair where I ran over poor Lucie's foot, she squealed and I had to go administer first aid - all your fault.

Between Mike and Aaron, they both brought out my inner-snooze monster. Was bored bored bored with them. Siobhan's new sparkly lip goo is a definite improvement over the goo without sparkles (NOT). The goo makes her teeth look oily and it just distracts me so much. Crystal was just "meh" for me and Casey reminds me too much of Smarmoolis. The only one I liked last night was Lee and even he started off a bit shaky. Don't really care who goes as long as Lee and Crystal are safe - but PLEASE, AI Producers, buy Siobhan something for her lips that more closely resembles Chap Stick and not K-Y Jelly.

Roy Clark & Buck Owens - now theres some Hee-Haw memories....

Where or Where, are you tonight?
Why did you go and leave me alone??
I searched the world over
and thought I found true love
You met another and
You were gone!!!

First of all, have to confess - I absolutely ADORE Shania. That these kids, girls and boys, could do so much with her songs, is a testament to her talent as an artist and a songwriter. Lee, Mike and Crystal all had a good night and deserve to stay around. Casey ( local boy) has not impressed me much until last night - thought he finally came thru with a performance worthy of being in the top twelve. Another sappy love song from Aaron, he has an OK voice but no life experiance to back them up and it's kinda weird to me. And dedicating a song like last night's to his mom is just wrong. Wouldn't mind seeing him go. Poor Siobhan. I really liked her earlier in the competition but she has shrieked her last shriek as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what those judges were listening to last night, but she butchered the hell out of that song. I was so caught up trying to figure out the leather holster thing that I might have missed the whole performance had it not been for the ear piercing, totally uncalled for, screaming.

First, I have to say that the "THING" Kara had around her neck last night almost drove me to distraction! What was that god-awful thing???

I did not like Aaron or Siobhan last night - past time for Aaron to go home. He was in the bottom 3 last week, so maybe, maybe, maybe ...

Casey was great, and I really enjoyed Mike's and Lee's performances.

Crystal - it was good vocally, but she certainly could have picked something better than that - Shania has a whole lot of songs that would have showcased her talents better.

I guess it's anybody's game at this point, but I suppose that's what the show should be all about!

Not feeling the Lee love, so it could be him in a surprise ouster - especially since he is(was) predicted for top two status. I think Casey saved himself for another week. Big Mike may also go since his fan base is flagging and there are probably not many new votes jumping onboard. Aaron is solidly in because he benefited from Tim leaving last week.

Does anyone know how Itune sales are going for the Idol songs? Would love to know if this year is better/worse than previous years....

Buh-bye, Siobhan. Buh-bye now...

Ok maybe its me but when Mike was singing I could not understand the words!!!! I after last night he, Crystal and Siobhan should be the bottom 3.

Siobhan is getting REALLY annoying. I thought all of the performances last night ranged from outstanding (Casey) to really good (Michael). And then the banshee showed up and screeched the show to death. Just awful.

I think it's Mikes" turn...or Sinnabonns'. so tired of her "note"....
and Lindsay, if you're reading this....I hope your Caps win tonight...not sayin' I want them to win the Stanley Cup....lol.just sayin' they deserve to win tonight.

OK..just checked dialidol and they've got Aaron in the top spot, even WITHOUT the Hello Kitty texts factored in! Whooda thunk it? They show Crystal in 2nd place and Mike going home. We'll see....

While I appreciate Siobhan's individuality and confidence, I think she's gone a bit over the top for Idol to be able to market well. Of course, the-website-which-shall-remain-nameless has adopted her as it's rebelious poster child, so she's probably not going anywhere tonight.

Aaron is cute and talented, but is not in the same league as the others. We'll see if the tween vote can save him for another week.

Could be anyone getting the boot tonight, really. The competition has really heated up this week, and tonight's elimination will be emotional, regardless of who goes.

I agree with you Brian. Aaron is just so-so. I have heard 100 young singers just like him. A good singer, but not someone that I would go see in concert or spend any money to see or hear.
I have to say though that I am so over Siobhan. She sounds breathy and out of tune in her low register as brian said. Her inevitable screamch added to EVERY song is not a picnic for the ears to say the least. I am hoping she is gone tonight.

I don't understand what everyone sees on Aaron. The judges seemed to love his mediocre performance last night. I have the same response every time he sings: "meh". Do I hate it? No - but he doesn't deserve to have made it this far. However, thanks to the tween vote, I don't see him going anywhere soon.

I hate to say it, but the men keep getting better and better and the women... meh...

Siobhan is beginning to grate. She is a beautiful and interesting girl, but she cannot control her lower register and if I hear her screech one more time.... I wish there was a negative vote option. She should go home. She was the worst of the night.

Crystal phoned it in. Simon was right.

Guys were challenged by country woman's tunes, but did a'right... Casey first, Lee second, Aaron third and Mike 'wipe that smirk off your face' fourth.

Is there still a bottom three tonight?

If so, it should be Aaron, Mike and Siobhan, with Siobhan or Mike going home.

Dont be surprised if Crystal gets voted off.. gr, I know I know... but at this late stage, a seemingly weak performance, i.e no band, no orchestration... Kinda quirky....depending on what she has built up in voters...

I agree...awesome performances across the board! I never realized how universal Shania's songs were. Each contestant managed to make something believable out of them. I have no idea what tonight's outcome will be.

First time all season I wasn't compelled to do dishes, mending or crossword puzzles during the show. Who would have thought country week would be the theme to set the contest on fire?

I got to watch last night - I thought they all did really well! It will definitely be a hard elimination.

I enjoyed last night's show - it will be a tough night for whoever gets eliminated - they all did good.

I'm looking forward to your recap. I agree with you that I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't one performance that I said to myself "S/he's going home tomorrow."

I know, I know. I am so "inconsididate" (to quote my teens).

There you go... trying to have a life again.

Hopefully I'll get to watch it before then!
Hope the game went well.

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