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Friday, April 30, 2010


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Michelle and "Mom"...my thoughts are with you now. I pray for your comfort as you remember your furry friend Sadie. {Hugs}

I just wanted to mention that many times a couple of doses of prednisone and some rimadyl will work wonders. We had a white shepherd that finally had to be put down at the ripe old age of 19. We had many instances of thinking the end was near but up until the last time, he always bounced back with the medication. You might want to check with the vet before coming to any firm decisions

Michelle, I am so sorry for both you and your mom. Sadie is in a better place now, running like she did when she was a pup and knowing that she is loved very much.
As I sit here reading the notes from everyone my old dog is laying next to me on the sofa with his head on my leg. He is 16, and some days I worry that he is not going to wake up. Other days he is running around like a pup, but I know that the day will soon come when I have to make the same decision. His sight is starting to go, and he sleeps more than he is awake anymore. He sometimes has trouble getting down the porch steps to go outside. I hope I have the courage to make the decision when his time comes, and I know I will be asking Linda to let everyone know I need their love and prayers too. That is what this blog community does best... take care of each other from all over the country. Much love to you and your mom and know that Sadie is keeping an eye on you and wants you to be happy, because you made her happy her whole life and made the right decision for her when she needed you too.

Michelle: I am very sorry and sad for your loss of a great friend, who loved you unconditionally. Just know that Sadie will be greeted by some really great friends at the Rainbow Bridge who have left us before her - - Odou, Daisy, and wish I could remember the others (chime in folks). Just know that you and your mom did the right thing for Sadie and did not let her suffer. Tears are flowing for her now....

Michelle - I am sorry on the loss of Sadie.
She was so very blessed your Mom found her and gave her a wonderful life...as well as the gift of eternal peace when it was needed.
Like others have said, Sadie is joyfully experiencing her new life, and watching over you and your Mom.

Sending big hugs to you, and especially your mom. She gave Sadie the greatest gifts a human can give their furry family member - LOVE, CONSIDERATION, and PEACE. I know Sadie was welcomed at that Rainbow Bridge where there is no more pain, just endless sunny days of playful romping.

Michelle, please send your mom my condolences. It is so hard to give that last gift to your furry friend. You and your mom are in my prayers. Sadie is running again in a happy place.


You asked for nothing more than sympathy, and I'm sending all I can muster. A great pet deserves a big-hearted goodbye.


I'm so sorry Michelle! Please give your mom our love and let her know we are all thinking about her and Sadie.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Michelle.

I am so sorry for you and your mom. It is heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to a furry family member. You and you mom will be in my prayers. As for Sadie, her prayers were answered and she no longer feels pain. She is happily playing and waiting for her family to come play with her one day.

Michelle - I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you, your mother and dear Sadie. I know it won't seem comforting to you today, but in the next few weeks, remember that she is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge where she will be happy, healthy and in her glory - chasing butterflies and barking happily. The thought of Daisy waiting for me there gives me a lot of comfort. My prayers are with you and your family today.

Ah..i'm so sorry..sometime life sucks......and this is one of those times..I hope you remember all the smiles and love you were given.
I know she will.

Sad to say that my mom had to put Sadie down this afternoon. Many tears are and will be shed. She was a GREAT dog and will be missed.

And while she was only a pet, many here will agree that they are a part of us and our families. Sorry Jimmy if I asked a little too much in your opinion, but I wanted and needed to do everything I could for the sake of an animal I have loved for the past 8 years.

Most of you know who I am and know my history with animals. I also posted earlier that I hoped things were going to be ok. I did not say that I hoped Sadie would have a full recovery, because at her age it is not likely. That is the harsh reality of having a pet. I agree with everything Jimmy said, maybe it was a little rough, but we all know it is true. Would I want him to tell me that story when it is Tristan's turn? Maybe? Maybe not? Jimmy handled the death of a pet great to his kids. Michelle's mom is not 9 or 11 years old. She needs strength to get through this. If it is time for Sadie to cross that Rainbow Bridge, then there is not much anyone can do. So while maybe Jimmy's post as a whole was a little too much, the intent is what everyone needs during a heartbreaking time like this. Strength and wishes for the best. Quality of life is all animals have. It is up to us to make sure that they have that for their entire life. When we cannot give them that anymore then it is time for someone else to provide it for them. I try not to think about how old Tristan is, I watch her climb the stairs every night and wonder "how much longer?". When I wake up in the morning and Tristan does not wake up with the other animals, I look at her lying there I wonder if this time when I go to touch her, to wake her up because she is deaf now, will she? I will need the same strength from everyone here when the answer to that is no. That is what we all should be sending to Michelle's mom. Strength and love during a time that is a very personal tragedy. The world is not watching, but we are.

Okay, I am stepping off my soapbox now.

I re-read Jimmy's post again, and whether you agree with what he posted or not, this was not the place/time to post a comment like that. IMO. I would have been so hurt if this post showed up when I was asking for prayers for Odou, who as you know, had to be put down because he had cancer and was NOT going to get better. Jimmy's comments to me, basically sound like "get over it." A request for prayers/positive thoughts and vibes is just that. If you don't want to send good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc., then say nothing. Save the discussion on life tragedies and world hunger for another day.

Michelle sweetie - I feel your sorrow, your pain and your heartache. I lost my sweet Daisy just over a month ago this same way. When we decided that walking was too painful for our girl, we made the decision that euthanasia was the most humane thing to do. It was difficult and heartwretching, and at the time, I really didn't want to go on myself, but we healed and I know in my heart that what I did was the right thing to do. If you are able to get there, hold Sadie close to you, tell her how much you love her, tell her what a good dog she is and give her a hug that lets her know she is your best friend forever. Then come back here and ask everyone for prayers again. The lovely people in this blogmunity were my lifeline last month - they got me through the entire process - from the decision to let her go to the healing. Today I spent the morning planting a garden on top of sweet Daisy. She loved to lie among my flowers and smell the sweetness that surrounded her - so I know this would make her happy. With tears running freely down my face, I am sincerely sorry for what you, your mother and Sadie are going through.

Jimmy - while what you said to your kids is technically correct - you didn't address the love they feel in their hearts for their bunnies. This is a connection that is deeper and stronger than just about anything they will feel at their young age. It is probably the first time they felt unconditional love from someone other than a family member - for you to dismiss their feelings as "something everyone goes through" is wrong, in my opinion. The love I felt for Daisy was real. She was not just a "pet" but a valued member of my family. I raised her from a puppy to an adult and I will love her until the day I die. I hurt for your children and the callous way you dismissed their feelings. After your eloquent responses to the plight of the Arizona immigrants, I am really surprised that you feel this way about a creature that was put on this earth for one purpose - to give you joy - to some of us, our pets are our children and we grieve for them as another might grieve for a lost child.

Jimmy, I didn't think you were being a heartless jerk, either. True, you said what everyone here no doubt already knows, and on the large scale, you're right, losing a pet is not tragic. But on the personal level it can be devastating. I am (mumblety-mumble) years old (bald and white hair, okay?) and I cried like a child when my cat died ten years ago -- in fact I missed a day of work. So no, it's not a tragedy on a global scale, but it sure can be on a local one. Again, warm thoughts and best wishes to Michelle, Sadie, and Mom, and I appreciated your comment, too, Jimmy.

Michelle - hugs to you and your mom as you work through the sad pall of your day and days to come.

And Jimmy - I don't know if I would call you a heartless jerk as you handled your own family situation quite well with wisdom and sympathy. Michelle is seeking the courage and heart that you found to deliver the sad news to your boys and the strength to stand by as they expressed their sorrow. That's all. Yes, we all go through it with our pets and understand nature's final process. But sometimes, we need the warmth and energy generated from this blog community to find the inner fortitude to move on and through. And I do want to add that I appreciated your comment.

First -- Michelle, you and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

Second -- Jimmy, you are absolutely right - you do sound like a heartless jerk.

While that speech was a wonderful way to paint it for your grieving children, I don't think Michelle needs to hear it now. She's an adult and I'm pretty sure she knows all about the facts of life (and death). All she asked for was some prayers & positive energy to be sent her way. If you can't do that then maybe you should remember that old saying, "if you can't say something nice, it's better to say nothing at all" . . .

Jimmy, "It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all." And like Linda said, yes, there are lots of tragedies in the world, but EVERYONE is entitled to have their day, selfish as it may be, to think only about THEIR loved ones (including pets).

Sending love, prayers, and comforting thoughts to Michelle's Mom and Sadie.

Michelle, Sadie and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hey Jimmy.....sometimes people just need to know that they are being thought of. That's all Michelle is asking.
Everyone here knows what's going on in this world!

OK, I'm going to sound like a heartless jerk here. And maybe I am one, but....

Last night, I was handed the job of telling my 9 & 11 year old sons that a coyote ate their precious pet rabbits. This is the first meaningful death they have ever experienced. Mind you, the boys and their rabbits live with their mother (my former wife). She couldn't handle it, so she punted to me.

I sat them down and said (paraphrasing as best I can 18 hours later):

"Boys, I need to have a hard conversation with you. It's going to be sad. Not capital 'S' sad, but a medium-sized sad. Mom called me today and told me that a coyote got into the rabbit hutch and took Jake and Kiera. I'm very sorry, boys, but they're gone and we can't ever get them back."

The cried, bargained, raged, cried, blamed themselves a little, ate, and cried some more. Eventually, they went to bed and today they went to school. I spoke with them again this AM. They slept reasonably well last night seem to be are done crying, though only time will tell.

One of the things I told them was: The reason people are reluctant to love is that losing someone or something you love hurts so danged much, -just like you feel right now. Loving almost guarantees loss. Making every day count is what makes it worth it.

I also told them that they have to understand that they will bury every single pet they ever own. Part of taking on the responsibility of a pet means accepting the responsibility of burying it. It's as natural as it is sad. Everything that is born, will die. Nothing escapes death. Nothing. Don't waste your time thinking anything will live forever, just try to make sure the people (and animals) in your care live well.

Pet deaths are not tragedies, folks. Neither are most human deaths. Darfur is a tragedy. Myanmar is a tragedy. The fact that only 1 person in 7 on this planet (that's more than 800 million people) has access to clean drinking water is a tragedy. Pet deaths are just sad. Occasionally they are temporarily personally devastating. With a little time, Michelle's Mom will be OK. I will send her an extra-warm thought myself. I've been through it too. It sucks, but better days are ahead of her, I'm sure.

Always hard to lose a treasured pet. I hope your mom will be okay.

Good vibes and lots of prayers coming your way, Michelle. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Your mom and Sadie are in my thoughts! Virtual hugs to all of you!

Thanks guys!!! I called this morning and there was no change. My mom can't lift Sadie in her car so her friend is coming over after work so they can use her car and are going to the vet. Its just a waiting game at this point.

Positive thoughts, healing energy and prayers to your mom and Sadie.

I'll be thinking of Sadie today and sending prayers and good wishes. Let us know how she's doing.

Sending good vibes to your Mom, Sadie and you! Hope Sadie is better today!

Michelle: My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and Sadie. I hope you are able to make it up there to be with Sadie and your mom. And I'm praying that Sadie's just having a bad day and will be better tomorrow - keep us posted!

Awww big virtual hugs and thoughts are with you and your mom. I hope Sadie improves, if not for the long term, long enough for you to be there. >

Prayers and warmth to Sadie, you and your mom. I have a golden that is 13 years old and she is hanging in better than anyone could hope for. When it is time, she will let me know.

One day, sooner than any of us would like - Sadie and Tristan will be playing together in fields of gold.

All my best wishes and positive thoughts go out to your Mom and Sadie. May she be up and walking again soon.

I'm sending prayers and hope to Sadie. your mom and you.

Hugs, warm thoughts, and prayers for Sadie and your family. Our furry family members are such blessings, and it's so painful to see one in failing health.

It's the good wishes and prayers that get us through during these times -- I know that was true when we lost our Bucky, so I'm sending all the positive vibes I can for Sadie, hoping that it's just a 'bad day,' and that she bounces back. Love and hugs from Texas.

Michelle, I am in Ohio so my good wishes and thoughts don't have too far to go. Sending them out to you, your mom and of course Sadie.

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