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Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Great to hear from you, Leigh!!! Really worried about you and still sending you lots of love & prayers.

Just checked in and learned of Leigh's health issues. Wishing you all the best Leigh. Get well soon.

Thanks for posting, Leigh. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Hey all! Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Yes, they did all the scans they could, but with the defib, they can't do an MRI which is what they really need to do to find a clot. I have been told to rest and they want my family to keep a close eye on me for stroke symptoms. The antibiotics were to treat whatever has my white cell count so elevated. I guess that was why they gave the Z-pack. I hear that shit kills everything. I am headachy and sore, but I am upright and breathing. Thank you again for all your well wishes! It means so much to me!

Leigh Update from 12:30p est today (Monday)

Update: They suspect a blood clot, but diagnostically can't find it. My heart is completely as f*cked as it always has been. I feel like I have gone 3 rounds with a Mac truck (lemme know if anyone got the plate number) and have been told to rest. I still have a morphine migrain. But as of this moment I am upright and breathing.

Hope things are looking better today!! Will the naked dance help?? Boogying right now for you!!

Get well soon Leigh!

I understand she is going to the doctor today. Love and Light is coming your way!

Yeah, I saw that update. Just worried because clots are so dangerous. I've been wondering if they did any scans while she was there - which would be standard if they suspected a clot - but she didn't mention any. And the Z-Pak is a bit bizarre if they suspect a clot.

Been really worried, that's all... and I want to know that she's OK. I don't handle feeling helpless well when people I care about are sick or injured. The Paramedic in me comes raging to the surface.

I have not heard anything since Chicky's update in the comments yesterday that they had sent Leigh home early yesterday morning. Possible clot, but they didn't know where. Told her to see her specialists. Gave her Z Pack "just in case" since her white count was elevated.

Hopefully more news today.

Chicky, Linda, anyone... Bueller... Bueller... Bueller.... any news or updates on Leigh?

thinking about you leigh.

Haven't seen an update for a while....hope everything is ok. Hang tough Leigh...thinking about you on the left coast!!!

Sending positive thoughts your way, Leigh. I hope you are feeling better and the crisis passes without further incident.

Leigh: you have my "e" if you need anything, I'm just a phone call away. Positive thoughts and prayers sent your way today - Katy

Thinking of you Leigh! Please rest and get better soon. Mickey will be waiting for you.

Leigh - sure wish you could catch a break here. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope it all gets figured out and you are better soon.

From Leigh @ 4a

Yay drugs! Boo blood clots. Fuck this pain. Morphine didn't even come close to touching it.
@ 7:36a
Going home. They need the bed. Suspected clot, but they don't know where. Told to see cardio and pulmonary docs on Monday and to return to ER if pain gets worse. Gave me a Z-pack to cover their asses in case there is any infections since I have elevated white cells yet they can't find any source of infection. Basically, they have no clue, but here is a lovely parting gift!

2 hrs ago - Home. Gonna go sleep off the morphine.

Hang in there kiddo - prayers are on their way!

Leigh - I hope you are up and at 'em soon, and that you get to enjoy Disney!

Leigh, sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers from North TX. Feel better SOON!

Sending prayers and positive energy Leigh!

Two posts from Leigh:

11:00 est: Waiting room. Low pressure. Same old shitty EKG. Busy tonight. Peed in a cup. Trying not to fall out of the chair or breathe sick people.

11:15 est: Kathy at this rate it is going to be hours. I am still in the waiting room. Go to bed. I am in the right place in case anything happens. Thank you for the vigil. Love ya!

I'm gonna stay up a little longer - will send a post if she posts any updates. Keep Leigh in your prayers please!

Positive thought, healing energy and prayers heading her way. Hope all is well!

Sending prayers from Texas and waiting for news.

I think Leigh must be at the hospital by now - she sent me a text right before she left 20 minutes ago and told me that it takes 20 to get there...I told her I was keeping her text box open until I heard that she was okay.

She was waiting for her mom to get there so Jim could take her to the ER - that was about 10 minutes ago, she stopped responding to me (we were IM'ing), so I hope that she is on her way to the ER...she said that it was 15 minutes away.

Tons of Prayers comeing from me

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