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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Man Usher is one fine specimen of man to look at! Those abs are unbelievable!

Just look at us Cougars LOL

Yowza! There's some eye candy for ya!!

Nope, too skinny for me. I'm just not down with a man that I outweigh by 20lbs!

Bless you Linda! You just made my day with these pics.

Oh. My God!!!!! Love 'em.

oh, he's nice and all, but LL Cool J is the MAN who makes me swoon!! YUM!!


Ahhhhh.... one of my favorite eye-candies. Usher is gorgeous.

*drools on keyboard*

I like the first two pics, but the third one is kind of icky in my opinion. I do enjoy his music though!


Ya know, I heard today that some chocolate every day can help prevent a heart attack. This works for me.

NICE! He does have a nice bod.

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