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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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OK, saw smiling Marky! (home on vacation today and all next week) Double YUM!!

I'm going to check it out from home. Just your description has me drooling on my keyboard here at work.......(slurp)

Hmmmm...the first one opens for me. It is also a Calvin Klein ad but his abs are more defined and he has this big grin...I like it better. In fact, I downloaded it to my phone and the chest, abs and top of his calvins are now my wallpaper on my phone.

Shawn: I couldn't open the first Marky-Mark site, but the second (Calvin Klein) - - yeah baby!! That's what I'm talking about!!

Oh LINDA!! You made my morning! I just got to my morning check at the blog and found my chocolate prince!!! YUM!!!

I'm Lori in Texas. Taye Diggs is a beautiful man. But I also agree with Mark Wahlburg. What a nice what to start my morning!

What a beautiful morning this has turned out to be... :D

Mmmmmm ... oh yeah!!! Keep 'em coming Linda!

Here is a little hotness from back in the day! :o)


My favorite cute celeb is Tom Welling, the guy that plays Clark Kent on Smallville. :)

If we're placing orders for chocolate-flavoured love, please include Taye Diggs. And if you can manage to throw in my biggest celebrity crush (Leland Orser), I'll love ya forever. I looooove me some geek-boy. The geekier, the better. And Leland is some geekalicious gorgeousness.

I was gonna say "Team L.L." but then I saw the post about Marky Mark. I change my vote.

omg, he is my favorite!! Even my husband knows that if he or Dwayne Johnson (the rock) is on any show, I will be watching. Glued to the tv. Yummmmmmmmmmm! Love how LL licks his lips.

Think this one is from the upcoming movie with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey

Still looking pretty good!



And another favorite of mine was Mark Wahlberg - his Marky Mark days. A little vanilla to go with the chocolate. :D


Actually LL is more my style - he's a bit more developed in the pecs. Both are yummy to look at.

I loved LL in Deep Blue Sea.

A little TOO much muscle for me (sorry)!
Ame, I'm with you about Tyrese. Yummy!

Linda - maybe a daily feature? Like tomorrow could be Tyrese Gibson? *drools on laptop again*

I love LL Cool J (or his body at least!) Everytime I see him on something, I'm clapping and saying "take off your shirt! take off your shirt!" Even my husband just shakes his head and laughs.

Now Linda, that should have been yesterday's dose of chocolate. I have been a fan of LL Cool J for a long, long time. yummy

I'm gonna need a cold shower after your posts today. Meee-yow

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