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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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I would pay a lot of money to see Simon punch seacrest right in the teeth. A few scars and a fat lip might take him down a few pegs AND stop the Ryperbole.

Sara - Straddling the whale! Too funny!

I guess i have officially entered into "old-dom" or something, because I found all three guest performances annoying, tuneless and aggitating. And a little too revealing for a family show, and I don't even have kids.

Skitchy Skatch Scratchy Snatch!

Haaaaa---ok, from reading the other comments apparently I'm not the only one who appreciated that catchy little handle ----hehehehehehe.....still chuckling!

But yeah, this season of AI is boring, boring, boring, BORING I tell YOU IT IS BORING! I don't know why I'm still watching---I think maybe I need to get a life!

Linda -

We are going to Wisconsin Dells Friday - Tuesday, so before I forget - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas! (Remebemer no OJ & sugar free jelly beans this time!!)

Love ya!
-Jamie in WI

You know it's bad when I kept clicking away from AI last night to watch a Disney movie! Doesn't sound like I missed anything. I caught about 30 seconds of P Diddy's hot mess and decided I'd just tune back in during the last 5 minutes to see the final cut. I don't watch much TV, but I'm an AI addict. I've watched religiously since Season 2, but this year is a combination of boring and annoying (bannoying?). I'm thinking this year might just be their last, especially since Simon is jumping ship.

I missed the results show last night due to the time change - I forgot that Central Time shows things an actual hour earlier than East Coast time. Sounds like I didn't miss much tho - thanks for the suffering you did for us Linda - the recrap was funny as always...

Side note to Linda...gave the girls each one of their prezzies yesterday when I got in (more on Vivian's birthday), they were tickled pink with the cell phone and the Tag system - cant wait to give them the puzzle and the books - will send photos soon! Also got to watch them play with Zhu Zhu - they still LOVE him, but their new dog, Norman Gorman likes to chase him so my sister has to keep him out of sight! Thank you again for making this trip so special for me and my beautiful nieces. Love you!!!

I'm sure that would qualify as an April Fool's Joke. Ryan could be dating Clay Aiken though

One of the best things for me last night was when Crystal told Ryan that she could body slam him too. Love that girl! I also FF'd through the majority of the show last night as it really sucked. Sad to see Didi go before Tim though. They just need to go ahead and send Tim over to Disney.

Just a comment here, when Siohban sings I can't stop staring at her teeth. I know that's weird right?

I have no idea if what I heard this morning was true or something AI has "leaked" to garner more attention, but apparently, Ryan got into Simon's face during the Didi critique because they are dating. They are supposedly trying to keep it on the DL and will "come out as a couple" once the season ends! Shrugs shoulders....weird stuff!!!

The only thing keeping me watching this season is the chat room. Thank you all my lovely chat friends! And don't forget, results night's theme next week is cartoon character.

Sir Paul appearing on Idol? We should live to see the day. If he was coming on they would have been pimping it all night.


Poor Didi. Nice girl, pleasant if forgettabl voice.

I watch the last half hour at best. Sometimes less. All I need to know happens in the last 4 minutes.

Linda, you are a trooper to watch the whole thing. If you charged us, it would still be unfair recompense to you for your suffering.

Thanks Linda! I'm so with you on how painful this is and I'm not the one wasting time writing a re-crap! YOU are definitely apprecitated!!
"Skitchy Skatch Scratchy Snatch?" Okay now that seriously made me laugh out loud at work! (I work with my dad) He says, "what's so funny??" Ummm...No just can't repeat! Hahaha

Okay....I didn't even know that was P Diddy....I asked my son (who knows every rapper and obscure singer) who the hell it was and he didn't have any idea....??? Yeah...keep changing your name.

Great recap, as usual...Cut the results show to 1/2 hour and stop the useless yapping...

I'm afraid some of the contestants would not know who Paul McCartney is.

It's been alluded to in a couple of other comments, but I had to rewind Usher's lyrical masterpiece to make sure I heard him correctly: "Honey got a booty like, pow, pow, pow. Honey some a boobies like, wow oh wow." Really? I like booty and boobies as much as the next guy, but this is billed as a family show.

At least the voters got it right this week - Teflon Tim >> Didi.

I hope Paul McCartney is the mentor this week. Would they not just $hit if he walked into the room to mentor them???

Yeah Will.iam is like timbaland in that you can spot one of their songs a mile away because they all seem to sound the same. I actually found it catchy but yeah after a while its like is that the black eyed peas or what?

I'm so over Ryan this year and usually I don't mind him. But the whole schtick is so forced. Though I'm starting to get the impression the tension between him and Simon isn't all just fun and games anymore.

Oh and on the Justin Bieber note someone told me about a website called something like Lesbians that look like Justin Bieber. I haven't checked it out yet but I can imagine with that haircut and feminine features it wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Skitchy Skatch Scratchy Snatch? That one just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Like a Dr. Seuss character ... if Dr. Seuss did porn.

Thank Linda - my nose is still stinging from the coke that I just snorted up it!

I liked Usher & Diddy's song - surprisingly - cause I am not much into hip-hop - BUT then again, anything is better than watching Ryan or listening to a group song!

I haven't watched much, as I am truly disinterested. As for little-boy Bieber, I don't know much about him, but I have to give him props this week. Earlier this week a 15 yr. old girl in our community was killed by a school bus in a freak accident(it was only going 3-5 mph) and evidently he was one of just a few folks she followed on Twitter. He made a statement about treasuring life and wished her family well and RIP'ed her.

Your recrap was excellent! And 100 times more entertaining than the real show. I am SOOOO tired of Seacrest getting in Simon's face, and I would LOVE to see Simon get up from his chair and bust him in the chops!

I usually like Usher a lot because his songs generally have such catchy hooks, but I found that song to be so stupid, so lame, with such bad singing and no melody...no hook at all. And just when I was thinking, ah, he's gone the route of the Black Eyed Peas (shouting choppy Boom Boom Pow type lyrics), Will.I.Am walks out. Crazy.
And I thought it was so rude when Ruben was talking about the tour with Clay and Ryan said, "The Claymates will be happy" and poor Ruben was forced to say, "and the Ruben Studdard fans, too".
Ryan has been so annoying and irksome this week.

AI has not only jumped the shark this year - they are straddling the whale! AI used to be the show that brought the family together - we'd watch together - call the rest of the members - to talk about what we were watching - this year ??? Not so much - if we do anything we are changing channels (esp. on results night) - just not invested is right !! For me - I was spoiled last year - we all were - Adam Lambert was MUST SEE in our house - this year - other than seeing what Crystal might sing - (and even then I'm tired of her "attitude" - but oh yeah I could listen to her sing - my only complaint about "Midnight Train to Georgia" it was too short - if she had another few minutes she'd have taken that song to CHURCH! Anyway - thanks for the patience in re-capping - I get that this year it is particularly difficult - I'm predicting Crystal, Siobhan, Mike, Lee and not sure about the last one for the top 5 - How much longer ol' Tim can hang in there is anyone's guess - but I'm having a hard time believing that the producers will waste a save on him..

Usher: bad vocals, out of breath performance, corny outfit and dancing. The next Michael Jackson? Methinks not. Michael had style, class, and mad talent.

No group song????? All I can say is "yipee"!

They are having to manufacture the "excitement" of the results show because it's just no surprise who's going to be the bottom 3.

I liked Usher's performance, but again, when did it stop being a family show? What was with the female dancers shaking their "booty" and "boobies" in his face?! I guess I'm getting old.

Reuben looked cute, and Diddy was just too full of himself. I FF through his song.

The most interesting thing about the entire show was the announcement that Ruben and Clay are touring together - that ought to be good.

The whole Ryan irritating Simon thing has now worn my last nerve. My daughter says that's just what little brothers are supposed to do to their big brothers. I'm waiting for Simon to body slam Ryan.

I dunno this season is shaping up to be a real trainwreck. Over on VFTW they're crowing that Tim beat Sanjaya's record tonight. I personally think that he's still in it because no one has really gotten emotionally invested in any of the folks voted off so far. And IMHO they(the judges) did a terrible job of stacking the top 24 this yr. There was some real talent that did not get through to the top 12 because they got lost in the shuffle and honestly a lot of people just DON'T vote in those rounds. This could've been a great season but aside from Crystal and Siobhan I'm really just watching out of habit this yr. VFTW is keeping Tim there with the tweenies because a lot of people like me are just meh about this season and it's showing.

Did anyone else catch Simon asking Kara 'What's wrong with him???' after Ryan got in his face and Simon said 'you are seriously annoying me tonight'. Kara just shrugs. It's a good question though.

Bottom 3 was right, but Id rather see Peter Brady go home then Didi the model. Maybe next week....(I can only hope...)

My birthday is Friday (26 again, lol) and I'm going to see Clash of the Titans with my hubby and some friends!

Didn't see the results tonight butbmafd sure the girls tuned in to see Justin Bieber; he's a huge hit in our house (along with Taylor Lautner-- Team Jacob FTW!)

Yes, WAYYYYYYY too long. However, at least they got it right this time. Of course, since she's in the final 10, she'll get to tour. My heart just bleeds for the last 10 contestants.

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