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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.

Now you know what would be the bomb, is if Paul McCartney was their mentor this week. Would they just pass out if he walked through those doors or what?

Ha ha Rick! I said the very same thing about Crystal getting Gladys Knight's autograph. Maybe she could sign on top of Miley's! And I also made a comment to my daughter that Katie was too much of a white girl to pull off the attitude for R&B. It was a better night overall but I was sad for Siobhan. It was definitely an off night for her, but the judges were really rough on her. Looked like she was going to cry. As for Ryan, I don't think he comes up with any of his lines on his own. It always feels as if he's being fed the corny comments. And last night with Didi was just plain uncomfortable.

Linda, thanks for the recap, great as always. I have to say, though, I'm not a fan of Usher. He falls into the category of those-that-think themselves-way too-important for me. A bodyguard on a closed set for a tv show? Really? And the staring into the camera saying "you feel that? You feel that?" Ick Factor 10.

Ryan's Ick Factor was on steroids last night too. From encouraging Simon and Ellen to "go ahead, make out" in the intro to repeatedly insisting that Didi share with America her own brokenheartedness and why that song had "special meaning" for her - what was up with him anyway?

But the Ballsy-But-In-A-Cute-Way Factor goes to Crystal with her asking Randy to tell Gladys Knight she said "hi." Here's hoping the great Gladys is the next signature on her guitar!

My daughter's gonna "marry" Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber was the first singer on the 2010 Haiti We Are The World remake. He seems to be a nice boy who hasn't got his testerone yet, and my son enjoys listening to his music. He's got a song out with Ludacris that I've heard about 30 times now thanks to my son.

Your recap, as always, was better than the show. I like Mike and Crystal but cab't say I will be rushing out to buy tickets. I don't mind missing a week these days, unlike seasons past.

I think Simon is right. 9 seasons of this is more than enough. Time for something new.

Ryan gets more annoying every week.

What did Culley do? I must have missed something somewhere.

Have to admit, I had heard of Justin Bieber but have never heard his music, however he has my respect because of this story:

There was a local 15 going on 16 year old hit and killed by a school bus yesterday. She was a huge fan of Justin and would tweet about him daily. When he heard about her death, he tweeted about it, and the story went all over. I am sure she would be thrilled to know he cared.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T let Ryan pull an "April Fool" joke & tell Crystal she's eliminated tonite!!!

It's so funny you said that Linda (the line from Indiana Jones) - last night while Ray I and watched several of these contestants name the songs they were going to sing, we kept saying "he chose poorly...."

Loved Crystal and Lee - I think they would make a great final 2.

Thought Casey and Big Mike were okay.

Didn't like the rest - they either put me to sleep or were more off key that two cats in heat!

Ryan pushing Didi to explain her choice of song as it apparently related to her personal life was too weird.

Tim Urban is just (insert appropriate adjective here)!!!

Siobhan and Aaron really disappointed - I expected them to do better.

I thought Ryan said that Ruben Studdard is on the show tonight - I missed have missed the Justin Bieber thing or else misunderstood what Ryan said.

Highlights for me? Andrew, Lee, Crystal and Big Mike. As I told Roomie last night Mike took something from this decade and really nailed it. I loved Andrew's take on 'Forever' and Lee took a song I never cared for and made me enjoy it. There are no words for Crystal, she's just that good. Not loving Katie at all and the comparisons to McPhee are appropriate. I didn't like her much either. Siobhan had a serious misstep and I really didn't see it until I played it back later. I like her, but this was not good. However to criticise the scream in this song was wrong. This is a shouty kind of song and Chaka screeched a bit doing it back in the day. Casey is just kinda meh to me. Like him, don't love him. Tim is waay past his sell by date and Aaron is annoying. Didi is in trouble, she came off as a bit robotic too. Bottom 3? Didi, Tim and hopefully Katie with Tim going home(I CAN hope can't I?).

I agree with Linda, Katie is McPhee 2.0 (or maybe just trying to be). Didn't care for Kat and I feel the same about Katie. Bleh! I think "Chain of Fools" is another song that needs to be banned from the show--it's "played out" as my kids would say. She especially irritated me when she hijacked Crystal's great line from last week. It was cute, genuine, and quick-witted when Crystal said it, pathetic and desperate from Katie. IMHO.

this season is snoresville - and honestly I didn't even watch last week. Combine snoresville with Miley Cyrus and you get me deleting the DVR.

I LOVED Andrew. My fav. Crystal rocked it as usual, though I was nervous for her. I have never been on the Siobhan band-wagon, so I'm not losing much sleep over her mishap and Lee - while I agree was a great performance - screamed way too much for me. I love his voice when he doesn't force it.

Ryan needs to cut the coke lines in half tonight.

I felt the same way about Ryan. The whole probing of Didi's personal life was really forced and weird and then can't we just let the stupid Kara/Casey thing go? It was Ryan who brought it up again this time.
So annoying!

" And the "oh no you di-ent" head wobble? Katie, you are a 17 year old white girl. STOP" - thank you, I said the same to my husband while we were watching last night. She gets on my last nerve.

So funny Fran & Ron!! I had a living room full of teenagers watching and one of the boys goes.."what the heck is up with Ryan? I think he snorted some crack before he came out" HAHAHA we all laughed and laughed the rest of the time everytime Ryan talked. And after each break he would say "snorted more crack" and the laughing would continue! Made it alot more enjoyable to watch!

We were thinking the same thing about Ryan. He just being very obnoxious (moreso than usual) and was so clueless in trying to force Didi to spill her guts when clearly she didn't want to. Its like his producers were yelling in his ear: "we're losing her dammit, make her cry make her cry"!!

This whole Top 10 performance episode seemed like a rather clumsy attempt by the producers to reboot the season. From the backstage hand-held camera stuff (oh, look she's crying!) , to the rather strange judging (Lee had a moment! And I missed it.) I suspect they know the Idol enterprise is in trouble and decided to roll the dice.

And to answer your question: No, I would not pay to see this lot on stage.

I may be totally in the Twilight Zone, but who the hell is Justin Bieber? Some little twerpy singer guy????

Back to the show...I thought Usher was a great choice as a mentor this week. Think he gave mostly good feedback to the contestants unfortunately some of them didn't understand what he was telling them they should be doing.

I have not gone to any AI summer concerts and so far this year have not purchased any iTunes songs even of Crystal's. Some of that is lack of $ on my part but mostly just not as jacked up about the show to make me rush to iTunes to buy.

Thought the backstage stuff was sort of ok. Felt bad for Siobhan when the camera followed her as she got backstage after her not so great "Thru the Fire" and the tough criticism she heard.

Me thinks Didi will be heading home tonight.

Yea Culley! And Linda, I have a question. Did I see a Steve Martin reference up there? Casa De PayPay? (spelled wrong but you get the idea)

Crystal and Lee were great! This may be the first year I actually have a chance to win the offic AI pool. I have Crystal! I already have my $120 spent. Excellent recrap Linda!

Your wish is my command.

More pictures of Usher w/o shirt please. :-D

What in the sam hell of all thats holy does Justin Bieber have to do with R & B? I swear I just vomitted in my mouth! On the other hand, I know my own little Hello Kitty daughter - who is all of 6 1/2 will be peeing herself when she see's him!

And yes Linda - Usher is one amazingly hot Pile of Man-ness! Oh YEAH bay-bee!!

I thought Ryan was acting really wierd last night. It didn't stop with him telling Simon and Ellen that they could continue to make out if they wanted. It was every interaction he had with everyone; he was just very odd. Loved Crystal and Lee the best!

Love me some Brian Regan. Got to catch a live show and I laughed so hard!

Shawn beat me too!!! "Choose wisely" (said EXACTLY like the aging knight) is one of my favorite phrases to vocalize.

Linda-knowing your love affair with peeps--thought you would enjoy this--the creativity is amazing.


Darn-Shawn beat me to the punch. Is Sean Connery sexy or what? "Rat's condo"--too funny!

Loved when Usher stared into the camera to demonstrate how he wanted Big Mike to connect while singing. That guy is a cutie pie and just cracks me up. As far as the night on the whole goes....Lee pulled ahead for me overall. I like him. He is cute and humble. Kinda rooting for him.

Chosen wisely...Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Thanks for the explanation Ron...but the "some people" still cracks me up!!!

YAY Kat and Culley!! Way to go!

Congrats to Culley, Kat and everyone else!

Hey Sue, I think that may have been done to make up for the fact that last week the listing left off her name. Someone brought it up on her talk show so I'm guessing a stink was made about it so they changed the description.

Kat, Culley et al were probably a darn sight more entertaining than AI. Congratulations!

Woo Hoo way to go Culley! Hope all is not too bad with the van, I have one of those noises too. My mechanic says there is nothiing to be done about it. Lovely.

Congrats to Culley and the rest of the gang!

Congrats!!! Keep us up to date on their progress.

Congrats Kat and Culley (and proud momma)! Way more important than AI!!!

Anyone w/Dish....if you recorded AI, hit the info button. It says "American Idol starring Ellen Degeneres and some other people" Totally cracked me up!!! Knock those egos down a notch or two!!!

Regardless of what happened on AI; LHS Theatre UIL-OAP did amazing!!! I stayed for the judge's comments and it is all good, maybe a few constructive comments, but that is to be expected at this point. Everyone did wonderful, but Kat and Culley really stood out.

This is much more exciting than anything that happened on Idol :D

No problem Linda. I think you could tell me the moon is gonna crash later and I'd still be in the happy place.

Don't think you really missed anythng GREAT. A few good moments, a few bad. Ellen and Simon necking --- YUCK!!!! At leat be semi-believable or GOOD fake. Not TOTALLY PR put-on!!!

Good choice...as if there was one! Hope the competition went well! :)

Glad you were there, that's where you belong!

Can you take my van in too? It's had this weirdo burning smell!

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