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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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I'm here in Jax most of the time unless visiting family up north, so let me know - we can get together for lunch or drinks after work! (and I have the Gnome with me all the time!!)

Katy, it wasn't a planned get together. It was kind of a happy accident. I went to my knit shop's midnight knit-in, like I always do. Leigh's friend Trish got her to come, and we met there.
I still would love to meet you one day though!

Love the Pink Floyd tshirt!!

Is this Leigh from FL? As in Jacksonville, FL? If you guys got together here in Jax, you should have e-mailed me!!

Great picture! Added bonus of yarn store, mmmm yarn...

Love the picture Leigh and Janna!

Great photo Leigh & Janna! - I wish I could've been there!

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