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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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WHAT!!?? A Jonas is going to be a guest judge on AI. Linda, why didn't you tell me. LOL

Reading the comments I guess I am not the only one who finds this season kind of flat. I told my roomie last night with great accuracy I might add who was going to Hollywood and who wasn't. Also I pretty much told him that the last guy was gonna be in the top 24(yeah, he's going to make it there sob story and all!). Katy Perry was a bit bitchy but her slap down of Kara was perfect. Kara annoys me so much. I really DID prefer Paula and the amazing cup of silly she drank. Kara seems to drool over the guys in a creepy way, squicks me out here.

Avril was a waste of time to me. Didn't contribute at all. Roomie noticed the disparity of her comments to Jim about family and travel and that she said none of it to single mom Mary. I just laughed and said it's the religious thing on Jim that got her.

I don't think the Jonas kid will add much but I hope Neil Patrick Harris is good. Been waiting all season for him.

I liked Shania as a judge as well. She at least tried to give constructive criticism and not act like an immature brat.

The only reason Katy and Avril were there was because Proactiv bought ad time and they ran Avril's ad during the half of the show she was on and Katy's the half she was on. Avril was a waste of time as a judge.

I think the best judge so far, in my opinion, was Shania. She actually talked to the auditioners, and gave them feedback. Kristen wasnt bad either, but I liked Shania better.

Im not liking the fact that out of that many that got golden tickets, we only saw a handful. Why do they waste so much time with the crappy ones? Like Mr Sweaty face? Definitely didnt like seeing his shiny sweaty face on my new HDTV!! ICKY!

Great recrap Linda!! As always...

I heard that Michael Castro (yes, he was in that Adam montage) made it through to Hollywood but got cut again. Which is probably why we didn't get another interview package with him.

I thought I saw him. Red streaks in his hair???? I wonder if he makes it to Hollywood this year.

I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Avril and Katy both. They acted so immature and bitchy. I just couldn't believe the way they acted. I like the music of both girls, but they just sucked as judges. Bring back Kristen Chenoweth.

I just read that Michael Castro (little brother of Jason Castro who made it to Hollywood last season) was one of the people shown in the "Adam Lambert" montage. I totally missed it when watching last night!

I heard about the "two rounds with Producers" prior to meeting the "Judges" a couple years ago as well. The niece (fabulous voice) of a friend went through the process here in Denver. She didn't get through to the judging because she didn't have enough "stage presence". Finding this out really irked me. I don't know why they put most of these people through. All the over-reacting, the nut-jobs, the borderline psychopaths, the delusional, etc.. I don't find this part of the show entertaining but I still watch--I can't help it.

I agree - theses auditions are not getting me ramped up for hollywood!

As far as Katy - I didn't like her before and I like her even less now. What a ummm...unpleasant person! lol

And as far as Ke$ha's Tik Tok - I heard her recently on some show doing this live - she was HORRIBLE!!! I'm not so sure this girl can really sing a note.

Funny as usual. Hated the guest judges also. Katy Perry is just a beotch! As my 15 yr. old quoted last night.
Maybe we need to be done with the AI and move onto Project Runway...Atleast it's more intertaining...IMHO

Little Miss Perfect -- my kids LOVE that show. More than Spongebob. Is that something I should worry about? Anyway, Avril was horrible, Katy was great -- I hope she takes Simon's place when he leaves.

I am so tired of wasting my evenings watching losers and nutjobs. I want to meet the ones that are going to Hollywood! And the sad part is...I have it from an inside source that these wannabes have made it through TWO ROUNDS of producer judges before they ever get sent in to audition for Simon, Randy & Co. One classically-trained young lady from Atlanta spent a whole day at the stadium before singing 10 seconds in front of producer judges. She was then called back for Round 2 a couple weeks later to since 20 seconds in front of producer judges, who told her she was too theatrical for AI. She never even saw the real judges or Ryan. These bozos we're watching on TV have made through 2 rounds of judging, where REAL singers got sent home, and are allowed to waste the time of Simon, Randy, Kara, and some highly-paid guest judges. I don't get it. It might be OK to keep 1 or 2 really amusing contestants from each city just to throw a zinger into the show, but why are we seeing so many bottom-feeders and not even getting a glimpse of those who are legitimate candidates? OK, I'm done. Thanks, Linda! We'll miss you next week. Have a FANTASTIC time with your family and The Big Mouse!

Boring, boring, boring. These recaps are the only thing this show has going for it so far this season. Avril acted like a little shit, added nothing to the show. And Gladys, I agree, never noticed how georgeous Katy is. But as a judge, not so much. Just a note - The next round will be in Arlington- not Dallas- major point of contention in these parts! LOL

Thank You once again Linda! I have not seen this episode yet and was thinking of just deleting, but maybe it will be more watchable because of your comments. One more recrap and then it is off to the high seas!

Avril needs to find a hole to crawl in. She was horrible. Other than the verbal smackdown of Kara, Katy didn't add much either. Although I will say that I didn't realize how gorgeous she is. Wow. These two need auto tune to sound decent and have no business judging singing ability. I don't care how many CD's they've sold. So far I'm no impressed with the talent. But then we haven't seen a lot of it. Does Hollywood week start next week? Please tell me yes. I'm so over the audition round!

I thought Katy was hilarious and also think she should take Simons place when he leaves.
Wasn't real impressed by any of the "talent" last night however. It was very boring.

I hated them too, Diane. I thought Avril was totally juvenile and immature (redundant?). She added nothing, and I was not amused by her behavior. Why on earth are they getting little twits like her on there in the first place? As much as I like Ellen, I don't think she'll add much to the show, but she'll be stellar after these two...

I hated the guest judges.

I was hardcore Project Runway back in the Daniel era, and I didn't recognize him. (Hangs head in shame) Thanks to Lori for sending the P.R. clip. I love me some Santino! At least when I watch it again this morning I will be waiting for Daniel. It was very boring last night on TV, but funny in the chat room. Oh yea, and the Taco Bell Fart quip made me ROFLAOTIPMP.

Yes, this season so far has been BORING! Not enough of the talent through to Hollywood to get a good idea of who might make it farther - but I guess that's the norm.

My son made the astute observation that he thought the only reason Avril Lavigne gave the worship pastor a "no" is that he is a pastor. I would have to agree with him.

These two guest judges didn't do anything for me. The hissing and scratching between Kara and Katie was slightly amusing, but mostly the whole thing was just a big yawn!

Hey Shawn, I'll see my West Coasties in the chat tomorrow!

Spending time with the kids tonight kept me out of the chat room but it was worth it.

I was upset that I had to miss the show tonight. Now--not so much!

Oh and my husband thought that the Jason Greene guy was a really ugly woman or a transexual. Ha Ha Ha.

*Stands and applauds*

How you managed to find enough to recrap tonight just proves what talent you have with humor and the written word.

I was annoyed with Avril saying the dude with a family shouldn't get a chance and THEN later giving the woman with an 8 year old daughter a big YES. WTF with the double standards, was what I had to say to my husband.

Katy doesn't watch the show much or she would have KNOWN that AI loves to use "lifetime movie of the week" contestants to create interest and caring among us viewers. Look how bad they pimped Danny and his dead wife last year!

And not sure if you got the same commercials but both guest judges were also in commercials during their half of the show for Proactiv acne treatment stuff. Gee...how surprising that was...NOT.

Thank you for staying up late to entertain me Linda! Am I the only one still up? (Unemployment has its perks)...

I was smart enuf to not be consuming any liquids when I read this: "for every breath of fresh air we get to enjoy, there is always a Taco Bell fart not far behind." Funny stuff girl!

My favorite part was the almost cat fight between Katy and Kara - I looked at my husband and said, Meeeeeooooow! Too bad it ended before it started.

What are we gonna do next week without you???

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